200cal meal picnic ideas

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by (Land of) Maz, 22 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. (Land of) Maz

    (Land of) Maz Full Member

    We've got an event on saturday and are planning on taking a picnic along as we'll be there all day....

    Myself and 1 other are on CD, and actually are due to get weighed on the sunday so wouldn't risk anything dodgy to eat so close to weigh in....

    Can anyone suggest any good ideas for 200 cal picnic style meals we could try and incorporate so we don't stand out too much from the others we're picnicking with.....

    plus will be kids present other than my own, and don't want to give the non eating message to someone elses kids..... took me a while to get the story straight in my own daughters mind!

    Thanks for any ideas....
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  3. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Grilled chicken chunks with spices used as flavouring? I've recently been doing this on my george foreman. Chop a chicken breast into pieces then i half a few mushrooms and add then, sprinkle on a few herbs, bbq spices (ready done in a jar) then grill for about 3-4mins and have with green salad type things. You could pre-do them that way and pick at them therefore dragging the mealtime out a bit longer and looking like you're eating more.. could also do cucumber sticks or the like to go with them as nibbles.. or cottage cheese wrapped with lettuce leaves? x
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  4. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    yummy claire!!
  5. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Aww thanks Emma :) Cannot wait till i can actually eat more of it lol...

    This is the BBQ spice i've been using, naughty but nice and only have a sprinkle to give it taste...

    Schwartz Product Detail - Classic Barbecue

  6. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    what can I say, I have a dash of nando's hot sauce on my chicken sometimes lol
  7. (Land of) Maz

    (Land of) Maz Full Member

    thanks Claire!

    i was thinking of making some kinda chicken skewer or something which would be okay cold wouldn't it and easy to eat... and a little chicken can go a long way in that way way.... plus some greens of some kind as a salad...?

    Thanks again
  8. lisalulu

    lisalulu Silver Member

    Ohhh loving that BBQ chicken... sounds divine. I'm visiting my sister in Brighton tomorrow and we're taking my little ones for a picnic in Hove Park on Friday. My daughter loves it, so we'll probably spend the whole day there. I was wondering about having a 200kcal picnic 'meal' as my stick thin sister is incredibly unsupportive when it comes to CD. Think I'll make myself a little something to take and have a bar too. Was dreading it earlier, but really looking forward to it now!
  9. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Maz, yes just stick to lettuce (any kind is allowed on ss+) and cucumber.. Supposed to be only 2tbsps though so as to not risk kicking you out of ketosis. I usually have slightly more (still no idea how to measure 2tbsps of lettuce lol!) and it doesn't seem to affect the ketosis or losses for me but everyone's different so best be a bit careful if you've not done it before now. Also stick to fat and everything free salad dressings, i got a good one from Asda, their own brand and also a good one from Tesco, a mustard type one, again, their own brand.. x

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