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2010 is my year!


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Funnily enough I said the same thing five years ago, before I started lipotrim then..

So there I was stood outside the chemist waiting for it to open so I could collect my prescription when I thought to myself that the woman I could see in the chemists window could do with losing a few pounds. The chemist opened and as I walked to the door I realised I'd been criticising myself.

Luckily they did lipotrim and I signed up straightaway. I was off work having broken my arm the previous week and it was great the pounds fell off then I got really ill and had to spend a fortnight in hospital. The lipotrim stopped but I had lost enough to be healthy.

Five years later, a divorce, remarriage, skin and breast cancer and waiting for results on another biopsy and I'm back on lipotrim. First week loss of 4kgs - euphoric. Second week - excision of mole on face, possibly malignant, had an egg sandwich. Next day - ate again, and again and again.

Bubbles, I'm rubbish. Not at all. I'm just not perfect, that's why I'm doing lipotrim.

I'm with Scarlett O'Hara all the way, "Tomorrow is another day" and when I get weighed on Tuesday I will accept it and move on with a new sense of purpose.
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Wow you have been through an awful lot of emotional upheaval.....and as we are mostly emotional eaters you have done what the majority of us would...eat ....xxx

Its good to see you have the right attitude now to put behind you what has happened and you will start afresh .......very good luck with your diet and results ((((hugs)))) x


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Thanks Sonkie, I wish I could say I re-started today but my lovely new husband (chef) has decided he needs to get as healthy as I intend to get. And as it's a bank holiday my chemist is closed so can't weigh-in till tomorrow. So today was our last meals!!!!

At least they were memorable, lamb bhuna, creamed spinach and a macflurry to finish. OMG...........

So anyway, tomorrow is yet another day.


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oooh sounds gorgeous - your dead right to have a "last supper". My God, you've been through the mill!! Best of luck with start tomorrow, looking forward to reading your diary.


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Thanks Nikki. Friends say that if I wrote it all down no-one would believe it.

After I got out of hospital in 2005, and recovered from my broken arm and got my second tattoo to celebrate my second malignancy and had my belly button pierced to celebrate being 13 stones my 18year old son and me trained to become bouncers.

So, there I was, a qualified senior nurse (I now run a day surgery unit) 47 years old and having the time of my life mingling with drunken chavs of a weekend and channeling my inner skinhead. God I miss it. Every weekend I bounced, every Monday night I went belly dancing, I miss that too. Unbeknownst to me my now ex-husband was having the mid-life time of his life with various women. My 12year old daughter was running riot with the wrong crowd but at least I had a life.

2007 saw me try for a new life when I met a lovely Welshman, 13 years my junior, in a sleazy nightclub, where else. If you're not sticking to the carpet it's not sleazy enough.

Then in 2008 I found the lump. On my mum's birthday, 29 years after I started nursing at my present hospital, 34 years after I first had my interview to become a nurse, Shakespeare's birthday. So not a memorable date then. The night after I had my biopsies was the last time I worked on the doors. I got called to a fight and as I ran through the packed club clutching my breast I realised I was crying. I didn't finish my shift. Oh well, c'est la vie.

My Welshman and me moved in together before I had my surgery and he was brilliant then, during my chemotherapy and my radiotherapy. I had my last treatment last year and I blame the champagne we drank every night to celebrate for my weight gain. Yeah right, it was more likely to have been the Cadbury's milk chocolate bars or the kebabs.

I've been back at work full time for over a year now. I still get tired but otherwise I'm fat and as fit as a flea with possibly skin cancer.

OMG this isn't a weight loss diary, it's therapy! And my session is up.


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Oh well, it could have been worse considering my less than halfhearted effort last week. I now weigh 94.1kgs and it's all my own fault.

I get my stitches out later and solemnly promise that I will stick to Lipotrim 100% until I reach goal. I don't like feeling guilty or fat.

Today my OH came with and he has started LT too. Lucky thing is only overweight but it will be easier with both of us doing it.



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Love the way you write.....you have been through it.....but now you are both on a weight loss journey together ....which helps as it more competition......do keep posting on here with your progress.....good luck xxx
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Thank you Sonkie, it will definitely help now OH is on LT. Although we are each on our own journey.

I've scrubbed the kitchen, stripped the oven and hob, polished the grill pan and locked all the pans away. We got an espresso machine as a wedding present and it is primed and ready and there is loads of coffee in the fridge (keeps it fresh), sweeteners for the OH. Been to Makro and got shed loads of bottled water on offer. 6 bottles of 2litres for £1.99 - bought three of them. Much easier to take one to work than drain the water fountain. Bought OH a shaker so he can take one with him to work although he works afternoons and evenings so he is having one pack before he goes out and telling the lads he's off home for his tea so as not to be tempted.

This feels good. I like me when I'm 100% positive.


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Well the OH has just come back from work and I lovingly mixed his strawberry shake. I'm such a devoted new wifey. Not good enough to do his ironing but I'm a whiz with the Kenwood.

I've had my last shake, vanilla, as a lovely latte and so far so good. A few hunger pangs especially when watching the Great British menu but nothing that a glass of water couldn't see off. Getting lots of ideas for when refeeding.

100%. Go to the top of the class, today. One day at a time, one day.
Why does work have to intrude on life? I now realise that that is where most of my bad habits come from.If it isn't difficult staff it's difficult surgeons and they all send me to the biscuit tin, the cake shop or the sweetie counter. If I can't wait, there's always toast and butter, the first medicine that all junior nurses are instructed on how to make and dispense.

OH and me are sat on the sofa drooling over the food adverts, bad times. But we've been 100% today, again, good times.

I'm off for a shower and hair wash and an early night, up at 6am and it starts all over again, adieu.
Hi Sonya, thanks for that. Didn't take any measurements just going by how my clothes are fitting, especially my uniform. Had a go at my staff yesterday after a few of them remarked on my shrinking double chins! I suggested that if they cared they should have said something about my increasing double chins. That went down like a lead balloon.

Anyway, got some good news today. My biopsy has come back as benign. Yahoo! And typically can't celebrate with champagne just Adam's ale. But that's nice too.

So now I have a dilemma. My weigh-in day is supposed to be Tuesday but I'm working next week. Do I swap to Saturday and go in early or do I go in on my day off next Thursday? Decisions, decisions. The OH can go in whenever he likes so that isn't a problem. I suspect I'll plump for the Saturday and then if it's only a small loss it'll be because it's only been four days. Not an excuse, honest. See ya x
Another day done and now for the dreaded weekend. No work might make for idle hands and a rumbly tum.

OH had a nightmare the other night that he'd been caught by the police in our local MacD's after he broke in and ate the restaurant contents. Thankfully that's not an image to tempt me.

I've decided I'm going to change my weigh-in day to Saturday. So roll on tomorrow morning. I'm not expecting miracles or building my hopes up for a repeat of my first weeks loss but a few more pounds gone would be a boost. OH is sticking to Tuesday and he can't wait either. Adieu x
Today is my new day for being weighed and I am now 91.3kg from a start of 96.9kg and I am feeling great. Mind you I have kicked myself all the way back from the chemists because of all the naughties I had the previous week especially as I have been weighed after only four days of this week. I can only dream of what it will be next Saturday.

Whenever I think this diet is too hard I think of my new puppy, Susie. She's eleven weeks old today and she was weighed at the vets on Tuesday for her vaccinations and was 5.1kg. So basically since I started three weeks ago I've lost more than she weighs. Pretty good going or what?

As Ronald MacDonald says, "I'm loving it" Adieu x
Oh dear diary, this has been a troublesome week. I am still struggling with my relationship to food and stress. Having said that I am amazed I've still managed to lose 300gms, what a joke I am. Almost a stone since the beginning, 13 lbs, amazing, and still more than if I'd been on a conventional diet, so why am I disappointed.

Could it be that I am expecting too much or am I ashamed that I'm allowing myself to slack off when the going gets too tough? Either way, I'm not at work till next Saturday, getting weighed on Friday, gonna get my head down, be 100%, drink the water, walk the dog and get under 90kg and into 13st something.

At least it's showing with my clothes. My 18's are hanging off me and my 16's are beckoning, aiming for 14's for July. Now I wish I'd been brave enough to take some before and after pictures. We've only got one full length mirror and it is still covered up to avoid late night or early morning shocks to my system. I can't wait till I can strut my stuff. Adieu mes amis.
What a lovely day we've had today in Leeds. Almost solid sunshine and hot too. I've certainly drunk the water and walked the dog. The little love is only 12 weeks and her little legs are nearly worn down to stumps! The OH and me walked her this morning and then OH has taken her out twice since and she's now spark out and ready for bed. OMG, she's just [email protected]!!!

That's one of the nice things about LT, having ice-cold shakes three times a day feels like cheating! I wouldn't normally dream of having three milkshakes in a week but this is so cool. I tried the chocolate mousse today, definitely need to fiddle with the amount of water I used but it felt strangely nice to eat with a spoon.

Oh well, it looks as if it's going to be another lovely day tomorrow, so it's off for a shower before bed and maybe a little bit of holiday skin.

Dear diary, today has been nice and sunny, again. If this keeps up the press will be claiming that it's summer.

Anyhoo, I've just had a two course meal and I'm stuffed. Eyes back in your heads ladies, it was 100% LT. Chicken soup followed by a thick and lovely chocolate mousse.

Today it feels like a blessing, tomorrow is my weigh-in (working all Saturday) so I'll find out if it was in disguise or not.

So, looking forward to another day walking the dog, drinking the water and shaking my booty!
Well, just back from the chemist's and.......yay me! Another 2.3kg missing from my knickers. Baby has not got so much back as last week!

Now I don't care if the sun isn't shining, my grin is lighting up Leeds instead. The dog and me are going to spend some quality time having a walk in the woods to celebrate, the OH can rest his bad back and then I'll have another two course meal tonight.

Come on Algeria! What? Didn't I say I was Scottish? How remiss.

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