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2013 Newbies :O)

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Macbie, 3 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Macbie

    Macbie Member

    So here I am yet again, another year on and several pounds heavier when I promised myself in Jan last year that I would lose weight in 2012 but all I did was pile it on :mad: . I even remember having that determined feeling that I WOULD do it. Well it's my 40th this year and I need to do it!! I have no idea what I weigh (that would be a start eh lol) but I do know I need to lose at least 1 stone and then some (I will weigh myself later if I can find the scales!). I will try and deal with half a stone at a time.

    Here's to a year of weight loss for us all determined to do it in 2013......good luck everyone :D
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  3. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Hey macbie I'm 3 days in and am doing Sw at home this time so using the site for support- it's great. Lots of motivation and inspiration! I had my 40th dec 11 and lost for that but in the last year have been such a porker and put on 1.5 stone- oops. Have 3.5 to lose. Lets do it this year!!! I've got that determined feeling too - 2013 unlucky for some but not for us!!!
  4. Smurfette1984

    Smurfette1984 Silver Member

    I have started SW again after gaining just under 2 stone after my wedding 8 months ago :(
    I was trying to lose it by doing it at home but I needed the support of group so I joined back up this wednesday just gone :D
    Starting weight was 11st 8lb and I hop to be down to 9st by June ready for my brother in laws wedding :D
  5. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Hey smurfette. You can do it - we are all in the same boat so lots of support here if you need it. Most on here know Sw inside out so any questions just ask. Good luck!
  6. Smurfette1984

    Smurfette1984 Silver Member

    Cheers Michelle :D Dont worry I will be asking lol x My third time now so should know it inside out but think its reassurance more than anything I need :D
  7. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Yeah that's why most of us are on here - I'm doing it from home this time so need some geeing up sometimes! Hope your first week back goes well - let us know how you get on.
  8. Smurfette1984

    Smurfette1984 Silver Member

    I tried and maintained before wedding at home but my weight gain spiralled outta control since so need that extra oompth that class provides to lose my weight I gained :D
  9. mistyme

    mistyme Full Member

    Hi all, I am starting SW tonight again, 8/1/13. Have no idea what my weight will be yet, I know Ive put quite a bit back on, particularly throughout the winter, but I hope I will still be slightly lighter than this time last year which could be a positive (if true)! I will keep you all posted, good luck to everyone, chin up and as they say "we are all in this together"!
  10. estefiposhi

    estefiposhi Full Member

    Hello everyone! Can I join you? I'm staring SW today from home. I have 33 lbs to lose.. I've been sort of dieting throughout last year but was not consistent at all... All I was consistent with was piling on the pounds.. I think I have a lot to lose and that is a bit discouraging but I found a lot of inspiration and motivation in this website!!! I have great things to look forward to this year such as getting married! I want to look my best on that day so wish me luck! Today a long journey begins!!!
  11. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    Please may i join you :)

    I'm rejoining group tonight.....Im looking forward to it. Had a really bad year last year and i'm still battling to get through the other side! BUT this year is all about ME and I need to do this!

    I'm Becca, btw, 30 and have atleast 4 stone 5 to lose (I weighed myself in Boots last week - but decided to rejoin group today!) ... xx
  12. estefiposhi

    estefiposhi Full Member

    Welcome Becca! Good luck tonight!!!
  13. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    Thanks Estefiposhi!!! Good luck with your journey too! :D xx
  14. It's my 40th this year and I joined last week x lost 4.5lbs this week and am chuffed to bits xx
  15. Hi all

    I'm magda, joined last week and I've lost 4.5lbs into first week!!! Xx I'm 40 this year so want to slim down x
  16. okenno

    okenno Member

    Hi newbie here. I did do sw before but didn't stick to it! This time I am determined to succeed!
  17. Smurfette1984

    Smurfette1984 Silver Member

    Yay I lost 3lbs this week so very happy with that :D
    Glad to see so many of you joining up and good luck at your weigh ins this week :D xxxxx
  18. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    That's great smurfette congrats
  19. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    Well done Smurfette! :D

    I had my first night at group and weighed in .5lb less in the evening than I weighed in the morning at Boots the week before, so it made me smile! I'm doing ok so far, going to have Wine this evening....eeek, but no pizza or takeaway ;)

    Slinky73 -well done thats fabby!

    And Hi Okenno :D

    Here's to a good week :D xx
  20. Mrs_T_84

    Mrs_T_84 Full Member

    Hi can I join?

    I've just finished my first week on SW - I'm really enjoying it and hoping to stick to it long term.
    Weighed in this morning and I've lost 1 1/2 lbs, very happy with that! Would like to lose at Lear another 7 lbs.
  21. Emma3334

    Emma3334 Silver Member

    Hello everyone,
    Ive just set up a diary page and was told to have a look over in the thread pages too.
    Im starting on Tuesday - terrified of group but excited to loose! I lost weight with another diet then through circumstances and lots of excuses put it all and poss more back on meaning I have min of 3 stone to loose which is scary! x

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