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2014 - A year to change my life!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Jade x x, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Well after feeling abso ill on Cambridge diet (after 2 days) I decided 2 use my common sense & do what I know is right!! I txt me CDC & said I would b no longer following the plan & at the same time contacted a personal trainer! This is going 2 b hard i have no doubt abt that, but if it's hard ill do it hard!

    My best friend is on SW & has done amazing she's so positive & such an inspiration so going 2 start class with her :) I'm going 2 tackle my weight problem this year no matter what!

    I'll also b following the EE plan unless otherwise stated :)
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  3. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Wednesday 8th January 2014 - Day 1

    Breakfast - 2 poached eggs (F) grilled tomato (SF) (S)

    Lunch - Boiled rice (F) homemade quorn chilli (SF) (S)

    Dinner - Pasta (F) Tuna in spring water (F) Mayo light (2SYNS) salad cream 70% less fat (1SYN) Salad (SF)

    Snack - Few boiled potatoes (F) carrots (SF) options hazelnut (1.5SYN) 12.5g anchor light squirty cream (1) Bovril (F) Hifi bar (HEXB)

    3 litres water
    1 green tea



    Didn't have my HEX A choice 2day due 2 not knowing where 2 fit it in?!

    Last edited: 14 January 2014
  4. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    Hello and welcome to sw. Good luck on your journey x

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  5. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good luck hun,
    I look forward to reading your food diary.x
  6. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Thank you! :) x
  7. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Hi all, I am new to slimming world started the beginning of this week. I would welcome any advice from you to keep me motivated etc.... I am finding it a little daunting but do feel this is the right one for me as I enjoy my food and seem to be eating plenty :). The only thing I am struggling with at the mo is understanding the syncs side of SW.

    Any support is welcomed:)
  8. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Hiya :) I'm still trying 2 get a handle on it as well, iv tried that many diff diets it's information over load! Lol have u got a diary? My weigh in day will b a Monday. Dreading first weigh in but have 2 get it over & done with I suppose!
  9. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Thursday 9th January 2014 Day 2 -

    Breakfast - Plum (S) (SF) pineapple (S) (SF), muller light (F)

    Lunch - homemade lentil soup (S) (SF) quorn chilli (S) (SF) boiled rice (F) salad (S) (SF)

    Dinner - McCains baked potato (1SYN) lots of salad (S) (SF) 30g cheese (HEXA) 2 boiled eggs (F) 3 slice lean cold meat (F) 1 tablespoon salad cream (1SYN)

    Snack - banana (S) (SF) options hot choc (1.5SYNS) 12.5g anchor light (1) Special K chewy bar (HEXB)

    3.5 litres water
    1 green tea

    Exercise - metafit class


    Last edited: 14 January 2014
  10. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Hiya I don't have a food diary as yet do you write it on forum or in a separate book? Any thoughts welcome. I'd does make sense to keep a food diary and I guess once you get used to doing it it will become the norm on a daily basis.
  11. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Yeah I jst tend 2 write everything down in here then u can refer back 2 it if ur ever struggling slighty. Hope uv had a gd day on plan :)
  12. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Friday 10th January 2014 - Day 3

    Breakfast - pineapple chunks (S) (SF) muller light

    Lunch - SW cauliflower curry (S) (SF) egg fried rice fusions (2.5SYNS) banana (SF)

    Dinner - muller light (F) pineapple (S) (SF) Special K chewy bar (HEXB)

    2.5 litres water
    Green tea

    SYNS USED: 2.5

    Didn't have a proper dinner 2nite....this is a total one off!
    Last edited: 10 January 2014
  13. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Breakfast- 2 weetabix a pear a few grapes and a banana earlier and a cup if tea.
  14. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Thanks jade I will have a go at writing what I eat on here it will certainly help to see whether I am eating the right food etc..:)
  15. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    No probz there is a section that says slimming world diaries where u can go in & make ur own if u do that let me know & ill subscribe :)
  16. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Thanks jade...Looking forward to starting my food diary :)
    Last edited: 11 January 2014
  17. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Sorry I must not have explained it properly! U have 2 go in2 the section where every1's diaries are is called 'slimming world diaries' and click start new thread this will get u, ur very own diary & then I can subscribe 2 that :) how u getting on anyway?
  18. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Oh I've got what you mean now. I will have a go at it tomorrow :)
  19. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Didn't have the best on plan day 2day tho tried 2 make the best poss choices (apart from the wine lol)

    Saturday 11th January 2014 - Day 4

    Breakfast - pineapple (SF) (S) muller light

    Lunch/Dinner - (out for a nice meal at an Italian) minestrone soup (SF) Seabass with risotto & side salad (SF)

    Snacks - Special K chewy bar (HEXB) options hot choc (1.5SYNS) 12.5g anchor light cream (1SYN) bottle of wine (??SYNS)

    1 litre water :(

    Had 50 syns left so probz have used all of them 2day! Only got 2moro 2 go tho then it's weigh in day so hopefully ill b ok :) ill b using minimum amount till then!
  20. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Jade I am sure your weigh in will be fine.
    I started a new thread for my food diary going to start it from Monday :)
  21. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Awe that's great! I'll have a wee look for you :)

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