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220lbs - need to lose 85lbs - Advice Needed!


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I have been on a low calorie diet for a week now. I have only lost 2lb - this is on 900-1200kcals a day.
Had first weigh in this morning and I was quite disappointed, so decided to try Atkins to see whether that will help.
I think I have too many carbs - I do love bread and rice, and I know that these are loaded with carbs. How much weight could I expect to lose in the first week? I have so much weight to lose that I know it's going to be a challenging process...
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you can expect to lose a lot more then a normal diet in the first 2 weeks...look at my losses for the 1st 2 weeks.

you have to quit bread rice potatoes, so make sure you do your revision first, there are great threads here you can get loads of knowledge from.

i have lots more than yourself to lose and am now into week 6 and am loving it, dont feel like i am on a diet and watching the lbs drop off :D

good luck.


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:D Hi and welcome to the crazy forum! You stand a very good chance of losing a lot of weight on induction hun if you are fairly strict with yourself. It's a great diet, the only one I've managed to stick to! Read some of the stickys at the top of the pages, they are full of really good advice. And make sure you drink lots of water x x
Hi gemsie and welcome, all the aboce really.


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Thanks :) Today for my breakfast I had two scrambled eggs with spinach. Was really nice and it filled me up. I am trying with the water, but I am really bad at keeping the fluids up. Have had about 1lt so far tho, and it's only lunchtime. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks - I was strict with myself last week re - calorie counting, so don't see why I can't be just as strict with atkins.. Think I will miss the bread tho! Breaking that 14st mark will be my first goal.. Right, off for exercise then lunch..


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How are you getting on Gemsie.
The water is so so important honey. you must try and get more down.
It really does make a difference.


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Hey Gemsie, welcome! :) God, you're tall at 13' 11"!! ;) :D


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lmao Aaron. Check out your goal BMI Gemsie!!!
lol.. I know, was trying to edit all my info but don't know how!! I am infact 5'6" with a BMI of 34.94.

So far I am doing okay. Feeling quite dizzy - normally have carbs every-day so my body is obviously missing them. Went to Tesco and bought some nice things for the next few days - eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, chicken, steak and topped up on my celery. Bought some multi-vitamins, too. I am more than aware that I'll hit a brick wall tomorrow, or possibly Wednesday, but I will be ready and waiting. :)


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Ah Gemsie, you will get through it. :D we are here to help and then when you smash through that wall you will feel like you can take the world on :D
Hi there

I am a similar weight to you and hoping for a similar loss. I have lost 4lb and been on the diet a week. I am pretty disappointed as the book says up to 14lb in a fortnight (unless i lose 10lb this week lol)


I have been the author of my own demise though really not counting things like Splenda tabs and Soy Milk in my carb allowance. I have to say though on day 8 I feel fabulous, I dont have mental sugar cravings anymore and I have tons more energy, my jeans are loose too which is a miracle. I havent had any "bad" foods like bread or cakes, I am so suprised I have stuck to it.

I have also done no exercise, which as from today, I will start on my Wii fit then consider rejoining my gym and swimming

The difference with this diet (as opposed to the meal replacement diet I was doing before) is that I am not counting down the days till it finishes so I can go on a binge rampage, like before. I feel in control of my eating, I feel like I can happily stay on this diet for 6 months then stick to the long term plan with the odd treat now and again.

Good luck and keep us posted how you are doing

Barm x
Well I have just finished a rare rump steak, with spinach and mushrooms. Feel very stuffed now, which is good. Have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow - yum! :) Just need to make sure I have lunch - almost skipped it today, which in hindsight I think is the reason for my dizzyness.

Well done for losing 4lb on your first week, Barm. You might've wanted more - but every pound lost is a pound closer to your goal. You know where you slipped, so a few tweaks and you'll be good to lose that 10lb! ;)
ill tell you something else. i have been on diets before and lost 1 to 2 stone and stayed in the same size clothes.....
atkins,. ive lost 16lb and am wearing a size smaller and the loss is visible!

its amazing lol


Loves this site!
Hi and welcome. I think atkins is also the easiest "diet" as you are not really depriving yourself from anything. It really is a new way of eating. Good luck and dont forget we are all here for when you get your flu, we all totally understand so dont feel you have to suffer alone.
Morning fellow atkins-eaters!
Was woken this morning at an ungodly hour by my son.. So fed him and decided to weigh myself (even tho I promised I wouldn't until next Monday) - anyway, I was happy and shocked to see that I have lost 1lb already!! :D - If I carry on at this rate, I might hit 7lb in the first week.. nearly 1/2 stone! Having said that, ANY weight loss is a bonus.

On the negative side, woke up feeling VERY sick. Just trying to calm my stomach down with water as I can't face breakfast at the moment. Also have a headache, so I think my "flu" is starting, but I will get through the other side.. :)
Morning Gemsie. stick with it love. :)

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