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i love minimins me :)
i dunno wat to do anymore

i started last week all postive, then on fri night posted sayin i was findin it hard, my head was killin etc, then later that night i smashed my face off the posts in my bedroom (my room is in the loft) the pain was unreal and my face is all red and black and blue so i ended up comfort eating (i know :( ) still went to work on sat got up early told myself i needed to do this diet, got all the way to work to get told i was off cos there was no data (i work in an outbound call centre) so i came home and ate again, then yesterday my boyfriend suggested going for a picnic cos it was sunny, we talked for ages bout anythin we cud do durin the day that wudnt cost much and wudnt involve food, instead we ended up going for sunday dinner

i had a long chat with my OH last night about just doin weight watchers instead but i jus dunno wat to do, i have a lot to loose and i get impatient, i hate exercise so its not like i can go to the gym loads to loose weight, so now am jus sat here cryin my eyes out wonderin wat to do :(

anyone got any ideas?

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I feel for you, it's so hard sometimes. I don't know what plan you are on but might it be worth trying a different one so that you can have a little more to eat while you do the diet?

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get some good advice on here about this, I am SURE you will :)

I hate to think of anyone being really sad about dieting. Try to think positive, convince yourself you can do it. You're a strong person, I've read some of your old posts so I know that for a fact :)

Good luck
Oh Stacey you poor thing ((((hugs))))

You have to do what is right for you. CD is a fantastic diet but you have to give it 100% if you want to succeed. I have wasted the whole of September by faffing about with the diet and am determined to have a better month this month and get back into the 13s.

WW is a fab diet but it wont give you the quick results you need. I have thought about switching to WW or SW while I have been struggling these last few weeks, but I know that I cant be trusted to stick to a diet that involves food as I am a cheat.

Why dont you join me this week and see if we can have a good week on SS or 790.


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Hi stacey,

I have loads more weight to lose too. i am on the 1500kcal plan and am losing roughly 2lbs a week which is slow (i am very impatient too) I was on sw and lost 2lb a week before i went on cd. I also hate exercise, that's a real swear word to me, but i do enjoy going on the dance mat so i do that in the evenings when i feel up to it, (which is not often) oh dear! don't beat yourself up because you have eaten it's just not worth it, if you can't ss why not move up the cd plan for a while and see if that helps or as you said join ww or sw. if you need to chat i am always on here. good luck x

if it's making you physically hurt yourself, you shouldn't do it. Sounds like you might be depressed. How about a full,open honest talk with your doc? Book a double appointment, and write down what you want to tell them so you don't get flustered when you see them?


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone :)

emmzi- i do have depression and see a counsellor for it (although looking to change atm) but my doc allowed me to do this diet still, as one of the factors was my weight

i think i jus have loads on atm am only 20 jus moved out of home this year, tryin to study my degree from home, completly skint and arguyin at work over them not allowin my to go full time till after crimbo (for no reason) and upset bout my weight hmmm i cud continue lol

i really wanna do this diet and my cdc is fab!!! thinkin of ringin her later and doin a higher plan until am ready to come back down to ss, and 1500 plan sounds good nessa :) how u findin it



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I am finding it really easy, as i am allowed to eat. I find it is so much easier than ss/790 and i really think the plan has work for me, I have been on it for well this is my 4/5th week and my wi is today but according to my scales i have lost around a stone on it so far! will tell you how much i have lost on the plan when i get weighed later this morning.
Hi Stacey

I was just wondering how you were feeling today? Did you make any decisions? I think what Nessa suggested about trying one of the higher plans sounds like a great idea, and then as and when you're ready you could drop back down the plans to suit you.

Good luck whatever you decide.


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I've dabbled in many diets and it leads you through emotional turmoil. There's a real rollarcoaster effect from the highs of losing weight to the guilt of cheating. However, CD gives great & fast results providing you stick to the rules. I've blipped over the weekend and now feel ready to get back in. So many life factors will alter how the diet feels for you.
You know your goal so it's just a case of inding the best route for you and there's nothing to stop you trying different ideas out.
I hope you get the support you need from your cdc and make the right choice for YOU.