24 Weeks

That is such a fantastic achievement. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Thanks for telling us. Dizzy x
well bloody done you!!! that is some achievement you deserve to be the slimest happiest person in the whole world!!!

keep it up

Gen xx
Congratulations honey! That's a fantastic achievement. Keep it going, girl! :D
Hi Xanth - just checked out ur blog - u look FANTASTIC !!!

well done on such an amazing loss.....:D
Hi Xanth

So very well done on your weightloss - the changes are amazing - I have been on CD for 30 weeks now like you SS NO cheating at all. Have dropped just over 9 stone now - still another 3 stone to go to see 8 something on the scales - never been that weight not ever! I look at old photos and feel so determined never to go back that way again - all of my confidence is back and it feels fab to be able to shop anywhere - my King Size bed finally feels like a kingsize bed - and the bath is no longer a dam!!

What else has changed in your life?

Caz x
Thanks Debs.

Broadpaws well done on your loss - that's fantastic :D Loads of things have changed in my life now. I'm not a recluse anymore for a start. The bath is too big. I don't get out of a chair like a pregnant woman, I can cross my legs, seatbelts fit in cars etc etc :D :D :D

Thanks DQ
Hi Xanth,
You look incredible - what an inspiration. Great to know it is possible to do the plan without cheating too!

You absolutely should go for slimmer of the year.:D :D :D