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27 weeks

So i booked our holiday today, just a week in Flamingo Land again with family and kiddos. Really want to get to target by then (23rd july).....am i kidding myself? I have a couple of events in january so am alternating between TS and WS...but as of the 23rd of jan thats me on TS til im done. Much would u say is realistic to lose in that time? xx
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How exciting i love holidays :D I think it is realistic, when i was cambridge before i lost 4lb's a week, and then it went to 3lb a week when i had lost 3 stone x
Oh i know, cant wait hehe. Yeah i worked it out and need to lose an average of just under 4lbs a week til then. Obviously some weeks will be lower but some me by higher. God even if i can get to 2 stone to target id be happy.....then finish off when get back. Defo an incentive to stick to it tho xx


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I'm doing the same, we're off to Scotland at the end of July and apart from a couple of occasions when I need to eat out for celebrations - I'll go protein and veg, I'm going to try and SS until the end of July. I'm aiming for 8 stone in that time, which will mean I'm 3 or 4 stone off target.

I've written out a day chart and I'm ticking off the days as opposed to trying to keep focused on the weight loss. I sort of figured that the weight comes off at its own pace whilst on plan, but I can control my 100% days. So far this is really working.

I'm sure that this year we'll both enjoy new slimmer summer wardrobes. Good Luck! :)


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I would say 80lbs is achievable as long as you stick to the diet 100%
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Lol Scotland on holiday! It's funny hearing people say they are coming here for holiday, everyone here is dying to get out of the country lol


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Not true Teetiefunk.Its a gorgeous country,other than when its snowing obviously!
BS I think you could lose it in that time.Just need to be careful and drink LOADS of water xxx


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Sorry, I didn't mean it to be offensive. I just meant we're going to Scotland, as I might say we're going to France or going to Spain, for us it is an exotic holiday, we have only ever holidayed out of England once.

As to exactly where we are going I couldn't say - we're taking the caravan and finding some nice out of the way places to do lots of walking and have fun with the kids, we've booked the time and come up with a long list of about 30 sites so far, it will probably be heading towards the Isle of Arran as I've always wanted to visit there.

Apologies again - sorry if I offended, it wasn't intended, I can't wait to see your beautiful country.


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I recon Babystar that your goal is perfectly possibly especially as you can tell by your posts that you are really committed to the programme. Good luck xx:)
Well i sure hope i can get close. Ive been to the same place a good few years running. First time i was pregnant, and fat! The next 3 years, still fat! This year? Size 12s anyone?? oooh yes please

Sandy im with you....i live in scotland and even ive not seen the half of it....im in fife btw, the 3rd world part, dont visit it, it sucks haha! xx
Aww its not as bad as i make out haha! I live near Leven....so yeah not far at all! LOVE St Andrews but not planning to go there again til summer cos when i do go i just cant bypass my fave restaurant, the grill house, argh, food talk haha xx
Yeah good old johnnys amusement arcade haha! Used to love goin there as a kid!! Well.....next time ur in St Andrews theres loads of nice wee places to have a coffee in leven, gimme a shout! xx
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I love St Andrews too!! Fife isn't so bad I know a few people from Glenrothes and they are lovely people too... I'm just outside Edinburgh ( Newtongrange) but originally from Dumbarton ( west). I agree that Scotland is a beautiful country, it's just peculiar to hear people coming on holidayto a place we take for granted. Where are you in Scotland sandy?
S: 13st8lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ah right not too far away from Dumbarton where I'm from originally x

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