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28 days on Go Lower, starting...NOW


is going all the way...
Packs arrived yesterday so I'm starting my own thread to keep me motivated...

Day 1 - Wednesday 3rd June

(interesting fact, I've lost 3 stone twice, both times I started on a Wednesday...)

Breakfast: granola. Yes the portion, as many have mentioned, is tiny, but beefed up with greek yoghurt and strawberries, it made a filling bowl full. Fortunately, I'm not much of a breakfast person...

Plan for rest of the day:
60 min brisk walk at lunch
3 litres water

Lunch between 12.30-1.30
Dinner at 5pm with my little ones
Bar at 8pm once they're in bed...

And, this'll be hard, NO COFFEE (of the caffeinated variety, anyway).

Good luck to everyone on whatever diet today...I hope your weightloss is dramatic!
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is going all the way...
Right, on track so far. Did a 90 min walk with the dog (over 12000 steps and it's only lunchtime :) ) and am tucking into the broccoli soup. It's very nice. I could get used to eating nice food and not having to cook (minimal washing up too...)

1.5 l water down but need to drink extra because of the walk in this heat.


is going all the way...
Day 2

Another sunny day. Weighed in first thing (yes, I know, but I'm a daily weigher, what can I say!), walked the kids to school, and am now sitting in front of the computer with my granola, strawberries & yoghurt - and a decaf coffee (boo...). One litre down so far this morning and feeling ok. Slight headache and hayfever (ran out of Benadryl, so didn't sleep well last night), but nothing to throw me off track yet...

Plan for the rest of the day: dog walk, 1 hour (3-4 miles), then lunch (pea and ham soup, probably), then pick up my girls, then tea (chilli beef?) and a bar in the evening.

I had the bacon crispies last night in front of The Apprentice, they were yummy. A bit like pork scratchings that have been inflated (not so dense, if you see what I mean). So far I don't have a problem with the food at all...


is going all the way...
Can't believe I forgot to say - was down 4lbs on the scales this morning. I know it has to be all water loss because you can't lose 4lbs (or even 1lb) of fat overnight, but I'm still pleased, because I'm obviously on track.

Also, I'm keeping a spreadsheet of calories and carbs out of interest, and yesterday I had 934 calories and just under 31g carbs. That was sticking to the diet rigidly, adding no extras. They report that it's not a LCD, and certainly not a VLCD, so I assume that they account for adding the extras in. You're allowed cheese on your soups, as much as you want, protein as snacks, pref. lean (chicken, eggs, prawns, 2 babybel etc.), cream instead of yoghurt on your granola, 250ml milk in decaf tea / coffee etc. and a choccie treat every 2 days. That'll all add up, I guess, but unless you go mad, I wouldn't imagine it goes over 1500-1700kcal.

I'm not adding anything in unless I need to, but it's very early days so we'll see.


is going all the way...
So nearly blew it out of the water today! I think I might carry a bar in my bag now, because another mum invited us round to hers and my kids really wanted to go, but I didn't want to tell her about the diet and I was really hungry...I ended up eating a handful of the kids mange tout, but they're green veg so I'm sure it's fine.

But I had a binge all planned out in my head - when we leave, I'm going to stop at Tescos and buy something big and sweet and sugary and then I'll finish off that tub of icecream in the freezer, or maybe stop at McDonalds for a quick tea...and after all, one day delay doesn't matter, does it? (I always tell myself that...)

Fortunately the rational side of me decided that if I quit this early, I'd never get back on track and it'd be a waste of a lot of money, and this really is a last resort for me - I've tried every diet under the sun. Also, if I've left her house, then what's to stop me going home and putting a pack in the microwave? Why do I have to go to the shops, spend more money and blow the diet?

I had to stop off anyway, to buy hayfever medicine, so I also bought some sugarfree ginger beer from Boots (nil carbs, no artifical sweetners, sweetened with sucralose, as per instructions from GL) as a treat. On arriving home I had my chicken curry ready in less than 5 mins, and now all is well with the world again! And I still have my bar and ginger beer as a treat tonight. Yay!

I now really appreciate the packs! If I'd been on Lighter Life, a shake just wouldn't have satisfied me with that ravenous hunger! And calorie counting would have meant that I'd have to actually decide on what to have and cook it - I like the lack of decision, the speed and above all, that it's real food.


is going all the way...
So day 2 over. It wasn't easy - headachey and hungry, but it wasn't terrible either. I finished the day in front of the telly with a raspberry nut bar (yum) and was still hungry 20 mins later, so had a packet of bacon crispies too.

Summary of day 2:

Exercise: Walked 4 miles
Water: lots, about 3L
Calories: 938
Carbs: 45.43

All in all, a good start.


is going all the way...
Day 3

Today is going to be tough for me. I really use food as a reward and as a stimulant and today I need both! Plus its day 3, so should be going into ketosis and feeling rough because of that transition...

I won't go into details incase you're eating your breakfast, but there was a child poo incident last night which involved baths and hair washes for both children at 2am...I'm shattered. And I have to work on really boring stuff today. As the girls are with their dad overnight, this would normally lead to me eating junk to stay awake and get the work done, then going to the cinema (with popcorn & icecream), or out for dinner with friends (lots of booze and a pudding), as a reward.

Not today! I've had my granola so I'm feeling better and I'm going to have a caffeinated coffee (just one!) to get me through the morning. If I need to snack I have chicken breast and boiled eggs ready, and when I make it through the day I'll have the choccie brazil nuts...

Unless I stop misusing food in that way, I'm never going to lose the weight.

Good luck everyone today.


is going all the way...
Oh, and I jumped on the scales (which I really shouldn't have done, but never mind), and they're down another 2lbs! Yay! Takes me to 1 stone off total (8lbs prior to GL). And body fat down 1% too (started at 40.5%, now 39.5% - still way too high, but going down)
what to go fat. I've been reading this thread and it's a bit interesting this go lower.. many are hvaing great success on this type of food plan.
Well done!

Well done, your doing great! Ive never heard of this diet before, is it expensive? Ive tried lipotrim but it made me really ill, didnt help my IBS at all.
Keep up the good work:)

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