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28 days to break a habit thread

in an article that i read it said it takes 28 days to break a habit, if in that 28 days, you have whatever habit it is that your trying to break free from, you have to re-start the 28 days again. so i thought i would start a thread any one is welcome to join in :)
so i will start i am going to have my milky coffees without sweeteners (i did take 3 out ready to put in my coffee this morning )
:) then remembered i was trying to give them up :eek: and i am not going to have any chocolate will have nuts, seeds and dried fruit instead and syn them, i weighed out 25g which is 6.5 syns could not believe what a small amount it was 5 almonds,2 cashews.1 walnut half,4 sultanas, 2 hazlenuts 1 small dried apricot and few seeds :eek::eek:
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day 2

i had a successful day yesterday no sweeteners and no chocolate :D and so far today am still on track ;)
day 3

day 3
yesterday went ok no sweeteners or chocolate, went for coffee today no sweeteners but found it hard today as coffee was too strong :yuk:still not had chocolate i have to say i did feel a bit brighter this morning usually i am really tired and don't want to get up :rolleyes:
Hi there that's such a good idea and so true...I used to come home from work and raid the fridge and cupboards etc....for a few weeks I made myself go to the gym or out of the house so I wouldn't do it and it worked yay!! until I hurt my shoulder booo... so i'm going to try and break some habit of my own too and tomo should be a good day to start....i'm going to think about what habits are best for me to break!! well done on yours so far hon!!! you're doing great!! mwahXx
day 4

day 4 still on track ;)
hi madmazy thanks x it's surprising how hard it is, going without sweetener i'm still picking them up ready to put in it's only milky coffee i add them too instant coffee i always drink without so don't know why i'm finding it hard :eek: going without chocolate has not been a problem so far but i think i'm eating well so am not so hungry, i am determined to break these habits :D
i think it takes 21 days:D well done!!!!!
Move your sweetners out of the usual place..It helps to break connection..I gave up sweetners in tea.It took about about a week went off tea for about 2 weeks now prefer it without sweetner or sugar
day 5 still going cold turkey

hi jo D yes think i will do that i used to have 4 sweeteners in my tea but don't have any now would not be able to drink it now with sweetener in it :eek: i really am not overkeen on no sweetener in my milky coffee but it took a while to get used to tea without it so am sure i can do it. still have not had chocolate went round tesos was looking at easter eggs usually i've eaten quite a few of them by now so am proud of myself for not getting any !!!!! 23 days to go :)
day 6 still on track

still on track did have a bit of a wobble :eek: last night really wanted a fibre plus bar but didn't give in didn't want to come on here and have to put that i failed, so looks like this thread is helping ;)
day 7

day 7
well i have to say i am surprised that i have lasted so long a whole week without choccie and sweeteners am getting used to the coffee without now and walked past the easter eggs in tesco this morning :D
You're doing really well, especially giving up 2 things at once.....keep it up! :)
day 8
still not had any chocolate or sweeteners weigh in tomorrow don't know how i have done but can zip up a new pair of jeans that didn't fit last week :)
day 11- mon 28th feb

its day 11 still not had any choccie or sweeteners but have to say the last few days have been easy as i haven't felt like eating :mad: hopefully i will make it to the 28 days and beyond :D
day 11 tues 1st march

day 11
still on track :D i had a milky coffee this morning and it actually tasted sweet think this cold has made my tastebuds go all funny. only another 17 days to go. i am surprised that i haven't had any cravings so far especially as i haven't had a lot to eat the last couple of weeks but then i haven't felt hungry so i suppose thats the answer :rolleyes:
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day 12 weds 2nd march

well last night i made my milky coffee and was feeling sorry for myself :sigh: so thought i would put sweeteners in my coffee - result coffee was too sweet and couldn't drink it so am back to no sweeteners it shows that if u abstain u do get used to it, still haven't had any choccie which i am amazed at :D especially with all the easter eggs calling me as i walk past them in the shops i am wondering how much longer i will last but can honestly say i haven't missed it :)
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day 13 thurs 3rd march

day 13

amd i still haven't had any chocolate :D and have had coffee sweetener free yay 15 days to go :)
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This is a great idea! Well done for keeping it up. I think I'll try it myself. My one bad habit is eating when not hungry so that'll be a good one.
All the best. Keep it up
Wow, you're doing well :) its amazing it only takes a few short weeks to get used to not having something. I used to have toast & jam at suppertime everyday, even when I wasn't peckish, but gave up bread in February and I'm just not bothered by it now!

Keep it up :D
day 15 sat 5th march

thanks guys x

day 15 yay i can't believe i can walk around the sweet isles without drooling long may it last lol :rolleyes:

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