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2nd day not sure how i feel

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Lisa it's carb withdrawl I should think. It will pass honestly sometimes it takes longer with others but usually by about day 4 it should be over. Stay strong!!
Keep strong and be gentle with yourself - it will pass, honestly :) Make sure you keep drinking the water though because it helps.
Good luck for day 2 hun, the icky feeling will soon pass if u keep glugging that water and just keep yourself focussed on getting to your goal you can do it hun!!!
HI Lisa

How was last night? You were saying you had a buffet thingy to go to? Keep up with the water. I find that helps a hell of a lot.

All the best on your 2nd day!
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You're just going through a perfectly normal detox process. Stick with it .. it really does get easier after the first few days.

Make sure you drink as much water as you can as that will help with alleviating the headache or any other withdrawal symptoms.

In a few days' time you'll wonder what all the fuss was about .. especially when you see the results on the scales after your first weigh-in! :D
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hi all
thanks for your replys im feeling a bit better anyhows so hopefully i wotn get a head again as for the buffett last night i did really well i diddnt have anything and omg it was the loveilst looking buffett !! there was everyhing salad jkt pots u name it it was there i was soooooo good but i did feel sorry for myself lol
S: 19st7lb
do im nearly through it my 2nd day at the moment i dont feel too bad i had my first soup ealier and it was ok however i dotn think there as filling as the shakes i keep going in and out of moods one min i hate it and im gonna go to fridge next min im ok ........i think i jst miss being able to chew carnt wait for bars .......and also dinner has always been a big thing in our house eatining round the table at tea time me cooking i jst miss it i suppose i do miss cooking and planning my meals and shopping for food ......but i have to think its not forever its not forever its not forever lol


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You can still eat round the table at Dinner - make up your soup and put it into a bowl, sit at the table and eat it with a spoon!!

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dinner has always been a big thing in our house eatining round the table at tea time me cooking i jst miss it i suppose i do miss cooking and planning my meals and shopping for food
I know how you feel! I just made a big pot of Irish Stew and it was hell not being able to have some, but it will be worth it in the end!!


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Hi Lisa, well done for passing the food at the buffet! That must have been a real temptation. As everyone says, its the water that keeps you going - in more ways than one LOL!I have been glugging for England, and have no head aches at all. I'm on Day 3 today. I feel as if I can really do this! I had a tetra brik chocolate velvet for lunch. Lovely - but nowhere near as filling as the shakes. I was working all day so had no option but to go for that though. It was certainly easy to do at lunchtime as there was no preparation - and I was working in a hotel where there was no facility to prepare anything. I have just kept myself incredibly busy so I haven't had chance to sit down and wish I had food.

Lisa, together we can crack this!!
S: 19st7lb
thanks grandma and everyone else i think its worse that hubby at work mums got little girl and im jst here !! think i need to keep busy i think cos ive made food such a big part of my life i feel like theres something missing now like my right arm .........stupid really how much happinesss i get from food like usally tonight i would think "ohhhh hubby at work ill have a nice bath make myself some nice supper and sit in front of tv and watch my fav programes "

Lisa Marie

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Have a nice bath, watch you r fav tv programmes just miss out the supper bit and have yourself a glass of water, not the same I know but these little sacrifices will be worth it in the end.

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