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2nd day


I started CD yesterday morning and am enjoying the food so far, hoping to drop 2 stone or so over the next 8 weeks or so, not too bothered if it takes longer :cool:

The one thing I have noticed so far is I'm starting to miss stodge, like bread and mashed potatoes lol please tell me this is normal and will pass soon :eek:
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please tell me this is normal and will pass soon :eek:
This is normal, and pass soon :D

It really is.. it was my experience, anyway, and it didn't last long :) I found day 3 the trickiest, but then it just got easier and easier.. You'll be fine :)



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Hi and welcome and well done so far! The cravings DO pass; you're suddenly not eating all the carbs that you have done previously, so its no wonder that your system is crying out for them! But remember, its all a choice, recognise the craving for what it is, and move on.

Day 4 was vile for me, but get through it and it gets MUCH better!
Days 3 and 4 I'm at work, wish I wasnt but never mind haha, there are temptations there like Ginger Nuts that our manager bought on Friday, but I have been able to resist treats like those for a few weeks now and i'm hoping to be able to carry on.
Yesterday and today werent too bad hungerwise so i'm hoping that will stay the same, I just need to get over what I use to have as my fav "snack" mashed potato sandwiches haha
Thanks for your advice and support
Well day three is nearly over and I'm pretty comfortable so far.

Did notice my stodge craving carrying on as I walked past a Peters bakery that sells lovely quiche, a Greggs, Marks and Sparks and Waitrose, but I resisted and got on the bus to take me home again where I dont have the temptations lol

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