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2nd day!!


Size 14 here i come!
Hi tina, it is normal to be cold i'm afraid and it will last a week or so at least. Hot baths used to help me and my trusty electric blanket at night.
You should be in ketosis by day 3-4 but it could be sooner or later, you will know because you will get bad breath and a funny metal taste in your mouth(normally but not always). HTH


Back on the diet train...
hey hun im on day 2 aswell. im FREEZING!!! this is normal ur body is burnin the fat as energy so u eitha feel cold or hot.

as for ketosis u will notice a difference in how u feel eg more energy, happy. ive done this before an always felt cold but my mum didnt.

also anotha sign is u get ketosis breath, horrible but a sign that its workin. lol.

hope this helps hun. good luck. x


Size 14 here i come!
Also forget to say ketosis should make you feel not as hungry!!


Back on the diet train...
yh sounds good hun.we can be weight loss buddies. lol.

yh im tired. had a lil cat nap b4. it does get better though. just rubbish feelin tired and cold. got my thick socks on an im snuggled up in bed wiv my dogs. lol.

also as we av 2 drink alot of water, i sometimes av it hot. warms me up aswell as drinkin plenty. :)

From my experience the cold never goes away. The good news is that the others have said the hunger pangs do cease once your in ketosis - the psychological 'need' to eat lasts longer but even that becomes managable as one can see from those who have been successful on TFR diets.
hi bex just wondered how day 3 is going for u? im feeling really hungry today not so cold thank god it killed me making the kids lunch today gonna have my soup in a sec to fill me up last night i took a vin shake to work with me and put a spoon of coffee in as i was working untill midnight i didnt know if i would get through it and it was lush so will be doing the same tonight xxx

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