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2nd Week in wanted to say hello!

Hi all my fellow CD's! :wave_cry:

I just wanted to say Hi to you all, I am now in my 2nd week of the Cambridge Diet and lost 11lbs in my first! *cartweels* :D:D

I am extremely excited about this as I have been trying to crack the diet for about a year! Ive always been told about the '3rd day just get through and youve cracked it' thing. Ive had so many '3rd days' and burned and crashed its unbelievable! lol but this time I actually went all the way through.

What is the reccomended water intake? Ive been having 2.5 and thought I was exceeding CD expectations, then I read the posts and saw that others have 4! wow! lol Ive now bumped it up to 4, is more than this safe? Im just extremely mindful of drinking too much water.

Also, excercise, I have a bike/cross trainer that I wish to use but this burns alot of calories, what excercise is permitted?

Lastly.... how do I 'buddy up' I would really like to discuss how its going day in and day out, find out how others are doing etc to motivate me, whats the process?

Look forward to hearing from you all! ;)


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Hi ya

You've done really well so far!!!

2.5 is ok but I have 4 liters just because I like water LOL

I don't buddy up with anyone, posting on here is just and even better motivation :D

Keep up the good work x
Hi, just wanting to say well done for getting past Day 3 and for your first weeks weigh in thats brilliant. I also drink 4l itres of water purely because it takes the hunger away lol. Good luck for your second week x
Hi Hon

Well done on your 11lbs loss great start and great motivator.

I do 3-4 litres of water/tea/black coffee, just to keep myself full and when i drink less i get lower losses.

Exercise is to be kept to not over exertive if you are on VLCD, walking is good and toning exercise, but full on aerobic workouts etc may leave you a bit exhausted. I think the rule is you can increase your exercise as you move up plans.

Like Mrs E i don't buddy up i just post on here you have your regulars who you will soon get to know, i know you could post on the team forum and see if you can get a place in a team.

Good Luck keep glugging and keep posting

Muchas Lovas

JS x


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hi, good on you for getting past day 3, I struggle at that point too. I am now starting my 3rd week on CD after a couple of attempts at this diet over a couple of years.
I dont buddy up either but I'm on a team which you can find under the CD teams section :)
Hi and congrats on the huge 11lbs loss! Thats brilliant and should be a great motivation to keep going! I'm on day 5 of a restart after a long break so know how hard it is to get going again. Keep coming on here when you need support or distraction. Good luck!


Going for Goal!
Hi Hun, well done on getting through the first week and beginning your 2nd week with positivity :) 11lbs is a fantastic achievement - be proud! When I started cd I did buddy up with 2 fellow cders, where we sent emails back and forth on a daily basis. It helped me greatly as I was a similar age with both girls and we became friends. Sadly, both of my buddies have now stopped cd - one due to falling pregnant, which I was over the moon about for her, because she had been ttc for years and lost around 4 stone and got preggers :) Sadly, I don't hear from her much anymore. My other buddy also stopped cd, due to funding, but I still hear from her occassionaly (maybe once a month) to catch up. Maybe you could start a thread, telling people about yourself and offer to be someones buddy to help with supporting each other. I did this, and found people of a similar age, weight (and weight wanting to loose). It is helpful. However now I tend to post on minimins often, and have a great network of friends who I know will always be there to help me whenever I need support. In return I like to offer my support to them - we're all in this together! :) Hugs x x x
Awwwww thank you all for getting back to me! I will definately take it all on board!

I had a bit of a difficult week, I had to be on anitibiotics and painkillers to stop the pain in my teeth and had to 'eat' something before I took it, I generally had a bite of a biscuit or bread or whatever was around and then took the pill but i feel like this may have ruined me somehow! Seriously upset about this after a good week 1 but my treatments ends tommorow so I want to jump straight back on it this Saturday, I have had days off and it feels like a lifetime!

I will definately be posting and viewing on a daily basis for motivation.

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