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2nd week on LT - slightly disappointed

Hi Everyone,

Second week on LT, just been weighed and only lost 4lb. I should be really happy at any loss I know, but I was at a Christening on Sunday and drank black coffee and water whilst eveyrone else ate salmon quiche, prawns, christening cake etc, etc!!!!! Excercised 3 times for 30 minutes. Have been an aboslute 'angel' all week and stuck to the programme which is why I was expecting a better loss.

Had a brilliant week first week, so although I knew I wasn't going to lose as much I was hoping for a little more.

Any ideas? :confused:

Love the forum, gave me so many ideas and is keeping me going - thank you!

Start Weight - 17st 9lb :eek:
Week 1: - 12lb:D
Week 2: - 4lb:rolleyes:
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Back again - hey ho!


weighs a lot less
nicky 4lbs is a really good loss ,you will never lose as much as the first week as that was mainly water,this week though 4lbs of pure fat ,i cant think of any other diet you would lose that much and if you add it together thats over a stone in 2 weeks,well done at the christening that was one hell of a challenge and so near the beginning as well ,so chin up hun your doing great xxx
2nd Week On LT

Hi Everyone!

Second week on LT and have had second weight in - only lost 4lb.
I should be really pleased with any loss, but I have been to a Christening on Sunday and drank black coffee and water whilst everyone else ate salmon quiche, prawns, christening cake etc, etc! I've been an absolute 'angel' all week and followed the programme to the letter. On top of this, I've been excercising as well! TOTM has ended today, could it be anything to do with this - any ideas?

Loving the forum, all the info has really kept me on board!

Start Weight - 17st 9lb:eek:
Week 1: -12lb:D
Week 2: - 4lb:confused:


too hot to handle!!
hi nickym,,yeah i'd say it does,,i bet you will have a great loss next week,,thats still a stone in 2 weeks,,well done
Hi Lillie,

Thanks so much for the quick reply! You're right, if i think about it as 4lb of pure fat, it seems to have more impact.

Notice we started at the same weight - you look amazing now. How have you kept going, do you get board or does the goal keep you in focus.

For some reason I have posted the same message twice. Must be lack of food!
Hi Kelly Belly

Thanks for the encouragement.

Everyone seems so friendly! Have posted the same message twice - I'm just trying to find my way around the site and failing miserably. Better get used to using it properly though - it's going to be my lifeline over the next few months!


weighs a lot less
i change my shakes about quite a bit ,i loved the soup at first but dont have any now ,choc is lush with peppermint tea ive had one every night since starting the strawberry is ok on its own and you can have the vanilla plain or with coffee hot or cold and im loving the peanut flapjack right now but most people hate them,everyone has good days and bad days but ive met some amazing and inspiring people on this forum who are there for you no matter what and are never judgemental ,i cant believe ive been on LT for 12 weeks now the time really does fly after the first week ,so long ramble over and come on here whenever you need someone to talk to we all know what you are going through xxx
Most women retain water when it is TOTM......so this is why, but 4lbs is an excellent loss and as has already been said well done on over a stone in 2 weeks that is fantastic.....keep up the excellent work.
When I found this site it was my saviour as my ex was unsupportive as the weight came off and would try to sabotage my efforts by eating all sorts of food in front of me.

By the way I have merged the 2 threads together for you hun


Says it as it is!!!
im loving the peanut flapjack right now but most people hate them,
I with ya there lil ..i LOVE em xxxx:D:D:D:D

Well done hunni........ 4lbs of PURE FAT XXXXX Fantastic over all loss toooo xxx
A bit severe, but try chop a limb off next week, just no pleasing some is their!:rolleyes::D
4lb is brilliant so a big well done is in order, chin up, keep smiling and be happy!;) XX
4lb is brilliant keep it up it is a very good loss. Every llb adds up and when you even it out over the next 4 weeks you will be amazed, just wait and see

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