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2nd week on management - finally got the courage to post photos!

Well I went to my 1st management meeting on Sunday (day 99) but had my first "meal" at lunch time before as I wanted to have Sunday lunch with my family. My son was excited he had to lay 4 places! We had roast chicken but I would have much rather had the carrots and broccoli! All I can say is that it felt strange - not as nice as usual because there was nothing with it. My jeans felt tighter afterwards! The meeting afterwards was really good but I missed the rest of my foundation group who were in the developers group (3 of us are in management). However the more experienced "weight holders" are great.
Day 2: Decided to have organic salmon fillet with my husband. Usually love salmon but I do tend to cook it with garlic/anchovies/olives etc so on its own it wasn't very exciting. Jeans (bigger size!) felt tighter again! I was worried I was not going to enjoy food ever again which quite upset me as I love cooking and eating. This could however stop me ever putting on weight again:D!
Day 3: Today we get to have flavouring! Herbs, spices etc and also raw salad leaves. I made AJ's yummy balsamic vinegar dressing for the organic baby leaves and had some cottage cheese and prawns too. This was much more like it - very tasty! I'll have that tomorrow! I ate at lunchtime and it satisfied me for ages - had a shake at 6 but only for the nutrients - didn't really want anything. I can't believe such a small meal could be so satisfying! Hope that continues.

So I'm into the next stage and am looking forward to learning to eat in moderation. I'm feeling calm and positive. In fact the only "problem" I've had so far (except for tight jeans) is receiving my before and after photos! I found it incredibly traumatic seeing myself so big - shows how much in denial I was. The others in management were interested to see how much we'd changed but I found it hard to show anyone - had to force myself. I've shown my husband but not the kids (yet). The real test will be for me to post them here - trying to psyche myself up to do that. I know it's silly but I seem to have a block in this area.

I'd like to say thanks again to AJ for her management thread - it has prepared me for this change and I'm sure that's why I feel so calm about the whole thing.
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IT's great to read your thread Goombagirl. It will be an inspiration to others following your footsteps.

I can understand your reluctance to show people your before pictures. It is a shock to see what you looked like before, because it brings forward thoughts of how other people 'saw' you. However, you may be disgusted at how you looked (I was horrified at my photos), but other people are more likely to accept you as a whole person whatever you looked like. They are likely to be amazed at you now, but still have a high regard for you in the 'before' picture. You haven't taken that into account.
Thanks AJ - you're right, I know. It's just going to take a while to get my head round it. I'm so cross with myself for not stopping myself get into that state but of course I wouldn't have those sorts of thoughts about others! What's in the past can stay there and I'll look ahead now. Still don't like looking at the past though:D.
Hi Goombagirl,

It is great to see another management thread. You have done so well to get there and should be so proud of yourself.

It is awful looking back at yourself and thinking, is that me, I didn't look like that did I? None of us should have anything to feel ashamed about, yet we all do. I can't stand having my photo taken, but really at the end of the day that is just the packaging, it is what is on the inside that counts and you must love yourself whatever your packaging looks like. Who cares what other people think (I am still trying to get my head around this and it feels odd saying it as I don't believe it 100% yet - but I will by the end of LL. I must)

Please keep up your thread and let us know how you are doing.

Well I've worked out how to put photos on. Also decided just to do it (inspired by AJ throwing her chocolate away) despite having a bit of a phobia about the before pics!! The first 4 are the LL ones (week 1 and week 13) and the 5th is today - week 15 and a bit. I'll have to do another post for the next 2.


OK so 2 more taken tonight, one with my top tucked in (stil feels weird - never do that!) and another in my favourite party dress which I managed to zip up for the first time yesterday so I'm officially size 12 again - 20 years after I bought it!


Mrs Lard

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Congratulations! I've just seen your total weight loss, that's amazing! You look so lovely, particularly in your red dress. Well done for taking the plunge to post; I am sure you will get lots of positive feedback. How do you feel? As good as you look? Really hope so!

Thanks for answering one of my questions about post-management; it's opened up a whole different part of minimins for me!

Good luck for the next stage of your journey and remember how far you've come. This will certainly inspire others.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxxx

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Have just read your comments about feeling bad about your past so my response may not have been helpful. Be proud of what you have achieved; it's an incredible change, which you have made happen.

Definitely agree - focus on where you are now - and take in how it feels, particularly when you look at your "now" photos. And look ahead past management and how proud of yourself you will feel.

Will follow your management journey closely and cheer you all the way.

Mrs L xxx
Wow Goombagirl

You look look stunning, especially in the pretty red dress. I must say you look like you have always had good legs but you really do look good now. I hope your husband is proud of you.

Well done for reaching management and below trget, do you mind if I ask how much you weigh now and how tall you are? Sorry, I am being nosy here.

Please keep up this thread so we can all read wih great enthusiasm about how you are getting on.

:jelous: xx
Thanks for your lovely comments flirty, nadhak, Mrs Lard (love the name but you'll have to change it soon!) and Betty Boo.

Nadine, I used to live in Lincs and did WW and SW with Heidi! Unfortunately we also did caramel choux buns from Asda.

Betty, I am 5'5'' and now weigh 8 stone 12 lbs (down from 13st03). In fact that's just less than when I got married but I can't quite do up my wedding dress yet - think I've changed shape with the children. Must exercise - I'd love to put it on again.
Thanks Pixie - keep trying with your photos; we can't wait!
Bloody hell!! What a change!! You look 100% fab! The before person is no doubt gone and the after replaces her! More confident & self assured no doubt! Am so chuffed for you!! As for the dress hope you have planned an occasion to wear it as because you certainly should be celebrating!!! Well done you!


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Wow you look stunning -well done on your weight loss, you've done brilliantly.



Trainee Maintainer
Lovely pics Goombagirl, well worth waiting for. I love that red dress!

It reminds me that in 1992 I bought a lovely frock when I was on holiday in the USA. It was tight (!) but I thought I would slim in to it. Not a chance. I kept it all those years for 'the day' I would finally fit it. Now, I can't find it anywhere!:( Oh, fiddlesticks!!

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