2nd week results !!!

Hi all, wanted to share my great news! just weighed in and have lost my 1st '1 stone' on cd 790 cant believe it ,feel like im walking on a cloud!. I feel so well in myself ,i expect thats because im feeling really positive for the 1st time in many years.Here's hoping the next 6st come off with relative ease.Mind you having a great cdc makes a huge difference, shes the 1 person i really look forward to seeing every week!!
Hope you are all having a good week too!! Love Sarah xx
What a lovely thing to say Sarah, but you are doing the work and well done, keep it up and remember the water!!!!

Aideen :)
Hi Sarah
I believe we have the same CDC! She certainly is lovely isn't she!!!!!!:)
How long have you been doing it for now?
Its my 4th weigh in tomorrow night so hoping for a good one, i've lost just over 20lbs!!!
How are you getting on with the 790? I started off doing SS but was very miserable so began the 790 too last week. But last night i couldn't even face a meal so just had a shake!!!
Would be nice to keep in touch if you want to as we are both local, i've just moved to the area & know no-one :(

Lorraine xx