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2nd weigh-in...


Sensibly losing :)
Did ok, 4lb loss on their scales (which are old as **** arent they Cham!! LOL).... its also totm and I do have big gains even when not dieting.. so it could have been worse..!! My scales were showing a lb or 2 more but I did have to go wearing heavier clothing as my other trousers didnt fit me this morning!!!... :)

So thats 16lb in 2 weeks and i know next week should be good as it will be from this week too when totm bogs off...!!!! :)
could get used o this dieting lark... thoroughly spoilt myself today...... pushed the boat out and went for 7 starwberry and 14 choc shakes... 2 choc shakes every single day... BLISS! :))) ooooooo and aaaaaa!!! mmmmm!!!
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That's a great loss, well done :) x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Congrats babe thats awesome over a 2 week period well done! Who did ur WI today? Was it that snotty hoity toity lady who went totally bolistic at me when i said id had a rough day last week and cheated with a hot dog sausage? She threatened to pull me off the programme. Hows that for support! Good job i got you lot to pull me back! Anyways keep up the good work D it will soon all be off ya xxxx


Sensibly losing :)
No it was not her, she was the one I saw for the first time and I knew more about it than she did which put her back up straight away!! LOL!! I saw the young blonde girl today, didnt discuss anything in the slightest.. just weighed me and asked me what packs I wanted...!! I asked for a re-feed leaflet AGAIN today but its STILL not there... grr I have put my foot down and explained that I need it asap as I could bee doing re=feed next week if my operation dates come thru... she said you just eat sensibly....! ER NO!!! I told her that was wrong and that I didnt want to load so I was following re-feed to the letter... while I was paying she called someone and had someone fax something over so it should be there when needed!! pfffft!!

I had a proper pamper last night and I feel great! I have always had my nails done and I got sick of paying someone else to do it.. a ciouple of months back I bought all of the kit and the professional nail drills etc and I taught myself...!!! So I am now the proud owner of a lovely set of long nails .....!! And ooo my body creams are lush! I reckon I am totally changing personality along with not eating...!!!! Stu thnks I am gonna turn out to be one of these 'high maintenance birds'.......!! ;) xxx

how u doing Cham?? Fancy hooking up next week??? how about a nice black tea in the Costa shop near Sainsburys???xx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
The refeed sheet is on the refeed forum. Summergurl posted it on there about 3 weeks ago. I been memorising it ready for 2 months time lol. Theres nothing like being eager heehee! Yeah wud love to hook up next week! I cant do thurs but can do anyother day. Oooowa how exciting we'll have to wear the same colour so we know who were looking for. Actually ive really only got black clothes coz its more slimming heehee x


Slim for summer
Hurrah for you!! well done!! ! 16 lbs is excellent for 2 weeks :)


Sensibly losing :)

Mond/wed/fri are best for me Cham as the girls are in school & nursery, meaning I will just have the little dude with me....! how about hooking up next friday?? I am in Tadley for my WI and I do my Sainsburys shop... My WI is at 10.. so could do a morning coffee at about 10.30..?? or lunch coffee (hence no lunch!! LOL) and I will kill time by doing our weekly shop/....

let me know what suits!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Yep fri at 10.30 sounds great! See u then then in the costa coffee at sainsburys x how will i know ya! How old is the little dude?

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Oooowa i know ill sit at the table with a packet of choccy buttons with me! For the little man of course xx
Well done! I did something similar myself and just asked for vanilla and chocolate shakes though I had them split it up evenly. I can't STAND the strawberry one and the soup has started to make me gag :p

Keep up the good work!


Sensibly losing :)
OOH no the vanilla makes me heave now!! I tried it in coffee the other day which was lovely but i burnt my hand in the process whizzing it up in the blender like an idiot! LOL!! never again.. and it didnt fill me up!

Cham, omg NO BUTTONS!! ;P .... great idea tho.. i will recognise you from your pic tho no doubt! Mackenzie has just turned 2, hes incredibly cute and a proper Mummys boy! Daisy has just turned 4 and Millie has just turned 13! Never a dull moment! ;) xx looking forward to seeing you next week :) x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Ooowa i love his name its gawjuss! Ok well you come and find me ill be eagerly waiting for ya! Cant wait yipee xxx

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