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2st lighter and I don't look any better


Surgically happy.
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KW, you DO look different. For a start - look at your face in each and see the difference in terms of happiness and health - you LOOK happy and healthy. Also look at the first pic - your arms are closer to your body, because you've lost width.

The middle pictures - your boobs are more pronounced now - even though they've probably gotten a little smaller. The reason for that is because your tummy is smaller (and lower).

*hugs* You DO look different and I understand why you feel you don't. You're looking at yourself through your old eyes - if that was a stranger or a friend, you would see it differently.

Stick in there hon, it's working :)


Queen of the Damned
Oh you most definitely do!!! Look at that smile, that shape that's emerging - you go girl :clap:
Ditto the above. I can see the difference clearly!
Lynne x


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I can see the difference! :) x
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Need your eyes tested girl...You do look different!!
I would just like to point out that in one lot of pics you are wearing black...YES we all know that hides all sort of sins!
Can i just ask....have you gone down a dress size?can't believe you haven't at least one,if not 2
if you look carefully you'll see a happy glow on the now pics and your wearing tighter ,colourful clothes as your confidence is growing. Your doing great well done :D
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
There you are....so you have lost loads of inches...Its your head playing tricks on you and sending you negative thoughts.
Do you know how many times people sat with me going through pics cause I couldn't see the difference.....even now I still think I look fat in pictures
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I can see a difference! Your tummy is much smaller front on and from the side, and you are getting a waist!

It's coming!! You are looking good - and its nice to "see who you are" :D


Baby steps - its all baby steps - the next pics will show even more of a change, but it is quite noticeable to me.

We are our own worst critics and all.... ;)
I see a big difference and your all happy and smiley in your latest ones. I'm wondering if its partly because your latest set have been taken closer up and that you were wearing black in the original, that you don't see so much difference.


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course you look different! you're looking radiant! congratulations on the weight loss.. looking fab! xx
Karma - what Andy said is so right, you're still seeing yourself with your old eyes. We had a very interesting chat with a group of girls in management class at our LL office. They all said that they lost weight so quickly on foundation that it took a long while for their heads to catch up with where their bodies were at.

One girl, who is absolutely tiny now after losing 7st said she still finds herself picking up size 20's in shops to try on and when she looks at a size 10 thinks she'll never get into it - but she does easily! Happily, your body is just moving at its own pace, your brain will eventually get there too. 2st is fabulous!!!


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you do look different hun defo a change... keep goin your doin so well xx
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I can't thank you all enough for all your lovely comments, I guess it is taking a while for my brian to catch up. I went out with my friend this morning who said she can see such a difference in me, even in the way that I walk, and said that the jeans I was wearing - which I've only just been able to fit into, are already getting baggy, I felt good when I went out, it's just those pics didn't seem to do me any justice.

Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate it, and everyone is so fantastic here !
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Awwww hunny...you look fab, what everyone has said they are right. I too took pics of me and could not see any difference in the pics, but my jeans are falling down and i fit in another pair a size down. But you are glowing in the pics, and you are shaping up.

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