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3-4 stone hurdle

So - Im setting my end goal of 3-4 stone (want to be realistic) to be achieved by approx May - With at least 2 of those to be knocked off before I have to slip into a revealing bridesmaid dress at the beginning of April.

Am 26, Irish chick living in Landan and working in media - in an environment where the girls all look like megan fox & [insert selection of stunning moviestar names here]. Though I'm not the type to compare/ judge myself by others standards- I've struggled with my weight since my teens, fluctuating from a size 6 all the way up to size 20 at my biggest. Now at size 14 and 12 stone 11lbs - I want to take control so im taking my weight back into my own hands and Exante-ing my way to better health.

One week in: Have gotten over the energy suck, become acustomed to not eating regular foods and am now even coming around to the taste of the cereal bars!!
To top it off; I've lost 9lbs in the last week.

Officially off to a good start- so I'm a happy bunny!

I have a few hurdles over the next few months:
5 day work trip to The US
Good friend's Bon voyage party ...and the real killer -
St Patricks day

No doubt there'll be plenty more occasions and celebrations that will throw up a real challenge for me, but I'm feeling strong and confident that I won't be easily distracted from my mission.

It's a great help following all your trials, tribulations and successes on here as it feels like I'm part of a team and not doing this alone.

Looking forward to reading more about your great losses and to sharing mine!!!

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S: 12st12lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 1st10lb(13.33%)
Wow! 9lbs! Amazing result!
Look forward to seeing your losses MB :)
Thanks guys! Was finding it a bit tougher today as was quite active - so really felt the hunger: but just tried on a dress I love that hasn't fit me for years and not only does it fit - it looks HOT!
I'm feeling good again.

One thing i'm really concerned about is my breath though. I don't think it's bad myself - but am totally paranoid and can't seem to find Listerine cool mint strip things anywhere!! Have searched London at this stage!


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Excellent news on the dress Molly. I tend to use the ocassional sugar free smint for my breath.


S: 13st3lb C: 13st3lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done molly !! Those megan fox lookslikes need to watch out cos molly s coming through !! X
Ooh - didn't know we could pop the odd Smint - thanks JoanneM!
The nice thing about those listerine strips (recommended on LT diet) was they didn't knock you out of ketosis as all, so they were a nice distraction throughout the day - in addition to helping the breath!

Too right Mamakash! I realise it's early days to be patting myself on the back, but those little confidence boosts go a long way! Megan who ;-) ?!
Another good day!

Still only at the beginning, but approaching week 2 and even if I'm not looking hugely different - I'm feeling healthier, happier and more in control.

Not a single hunger pang today.

If I can keep the momentum going like this, the next couple o' months will fly on by. FTW!
Fantastic start - well done

Bleuch - rubbish day today. Didn't have enough energy to be on my A-game in work, really felt like having something to eat...or at the very least - a skinny latte.

I consoled myself with bouillon and Dr Pepper Zero.

Feeling frumpy and not so hot... Maybe TOTM...

Time to buy a scales so I can at least see some kind of progress on my moany days

End of week 2 at least
Thanks Joanne - hoping tomorrow will feel a lot more positive.

I've had a weird anxious feeling following me around all day... I'd say it was 'The Fear' (hangover paranoia) if I wasn't off the booze. Body probably just still adjusting.

Week 3 - I'm ready for ya!
Oh man I'm feelin hungry today!!!
It's my TOTM, so that might have something to do with it, but finding it so hard not to get something substantial to eat!

Would crawl into my bed if I could, but I have a conference call at frickin 9pm tonight.

Left my bouillon in the office.
Looong evening ahead.

Sad face!!!
oh MB, you are doing so great :D

Keep busy, have a drink of water or coffee, and browse the boards...that will keep you occupied until your conference call.

After that....just think how fab you'll feel having stayed 100% abstinent ;)

Onwards and downwards,
Keep busy and keep supping the H2O - you can do this!!

Thanks Missbiker & Toots: conf call over & loadsa water downed. Time to curl up in bed with a hot waterbottle.

Am wondering why I'm so hungry all of a sudden though. Can the bouillon or coke zero knock you out of ketosis??

Had 2 weak mugs of bouillon and a can of coke zero this afternoon - maybe that's why my tummy is growling at me...

Another Exant-day bites the dust.
Bouncing around the place with energy today!
Hoping it's not just coz I had a super lazy weekend, but cracked through loads of work and still had the energy to have some fun and banter in the office.

I also joined some work friends for drinks at the end of the day and happily sat there with a glass of water while they enjoyed some very yummy looking red wine.

19 days down.
Hope tomorrow is just as bright and loverly!!

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