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3.5 lost at wi!

Hi there all of you! thanks for all the wonderful messages of support from the other day...but I thought I would start a new thread.....didnt want to start CD with a negative/doubting message at the beginning of my thread.
Anyway I went to my cdc this am and the scales didnt show me anything I didnt already know.........I am the heaviest I have ever been and I hate the way I look and what I weigh........when I started CD back in april 2006 I was 14.6........I am now a whopping 15st! YUKKY!!!!!!!:cry:

BUT today is a new beginning..........I want my lovely new clothes that I bought last yr to fit again and for my mums 60th birthday party dec 1st 2007....I want to wear something I like and not just something that fits! realistically in 6 weeks I can loose a huge amount..........so slimmer me ........here I come!!

Lenny........I will reply on your thread....thanks for the support and encouragement!

Thanks all of you........I love this place.and think that is one of the things I have learnt too....no matter what the diet is doing I should stay here for the support and encouragment that is always avaliable and soooo sooooo sensible!

Anyway must go and clear up kitchen and make the most of the babies being asleep!(still childminding !!)

Lou XX
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Hey! Good luck with your journey - you sound V positive I have no doubt you will reach your goals Vx
Hi Lou
You csan do it .... keep coming on here and posting and we'll all support you.

I lost 4stone in 4months 2yrs ago and was 15.3. I then put some of it back on and made a resolution to myself to start again and really work hard at losing it this time. Have been good so far and have lost 4lb this week - so want to have lost at least 2stone by Xmas.

Will keep checking on you! Good luck. xxxx


Staff member
Hi Lou,

Your sounding very positive and your so right to start a new thread full of this new enthusiasm.

In six weeks time if you stick with it, you will have lost at least a stone and half by then!

Take it one day at a time, that is all you have to do is get through today.:)

I started back two weeks yesterday and I was 15st. 10lbs.:eek: and I am down now to 14st. 12lbs. Feels so good to be in the fourteens.

You did it before, you can do it again.

Love Mini xxx
thanx everybody!

Well thanks for all the lovely messages!

I know it is just a case of taking it day by day...or hour by hour on the bad days!!

I need to get into the mind set now of not eating cos I am hungry.....or popping stuff in my mouth with out even thinking about it! anyway good to be back on track and in control

thanks for your continued support and well done on the weight losses all of you
Hugs Lou XX
Hi Lou,

Just catching up with your thread.
Well done for taking that step and trying again. You sound really positive and I am sure that once you get over that first week hurdle you will do well.

Keep coming on here for advice and support when you feel the need to eat something that you shouldn't AND keep drinking that water!!!


Good luck with your new start Lou:D

You CAN do this and I am sure you will look gorgeous for your mum's 60th birthday party.

Happy many trips to the toilets ha ha ha


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good Luck Lou, I to am on day 1 of SS after my millionth re-start!!! I'm sure the weght will start dropping off you before you even know it and you will look fab in December!

thanks for all the encouragement!!:grouphugg:

Well its almost end of day one and so far so good...........I havent drunk a huge amount of water..but I know that comes in time. I had a banana tetra for brekkie, tom soup for lunch and then this afternoon decided to make a choc orange muffin.......now I usually love muffins...but either I was out of practice or it just wasnt good for muffins!! Anyway threw most of it away!
So I am going off to have a soup again in a minute, as Ihave a bit of a back log of packs...I do sometimes have a couple of days where I have 4 packs...helps with the hunger in the first few days!

Anyway off to have some more water and a soup...chat tomorrow...heres one day done.....bring on the next one!!:innocent0002::party0049:


Wants to be a loser!
Well done on getting through day 1 NooNoo - I hope day 2 is not treating you too roughly.

this afternoon decided to make a choc orange muffin.......now I usually love muffins...but either I was out of practice or it just wasnt good for muffins!! Anyway threw most of it away!
Now I love the choc orange made up as a shake with 1/2 litre of water and psyllium husks - the other day I decided to try it as a mousse and it was foul :sign0137:. It was such a strong chemical taste I struggled to finish it - I think maybe the lesser water content in a mousse/muffin brings out the worst in this flavour which is a shame :(.
Morning Ruth!..funny that as nmy CDCsaid a very similar thing.....Think I will make the next one up as a shake!

Has a yummy banana shake for brekkie today, and a pint of water and a cup of black coffee....so no wonder I was bursting for a wee when I went to the boys assembly this morning!:bliss:
Funny as I came ome and the usual thoguth came into my head......oh what shall I have to eat now with my coffee...biscuits? toast??.......then I remebered......NO I DONT WANT IT!!.....or need it for that matter as I wasnt even hungry!!...proves how much of a habit that is!

Head feeling a little bit woozy today but nothing bad....will take a couple of tabs in a bit if it stays.

need to drink more water today though......and that I know will help with the head too.
Len...hope you are having a good day two too!!!lol
Anyway off to go and do some tidying!:happy036::chores016:
hope you are having a good day Lou XX
Len...hope you are having a good day two too!!!lol
Morning Lou,

I am feeling positive and motivated today after successfully managing one whole day on SS 100%:D (such a little thing to bring such pleasure ha ha)

I am a bit like you and have a slight headache brewing but nothing too serious. I did get leg cramps in the night though?!

I'm already on my second litre and have had a choc shake for brekkie.

I'm also off to do some tidying when I get home from work.

Enjoy your housework:confused: and I hope you have a great day two.

Ketosis here we come!
Hi all
I'm just finishing day 2 as well. All goin g well at moment . I have not heard of ice creams or muffins how do you make them.
Yesterday I was quiet nausated, but once I drank more water I was ok. No nausea today, kept up my water all day. Have used a tiny amount of the orange sweetner in the warer and makes it easier to drink. Also have had 1 can of caffeine free diet coke each day.
hOPE we all manage to stick with this

Good luck all
Ice cream is made by taking as many ice cubes as you want .... crushing them thoroughly, (coffee grinder or food processor) add any flavour shake mix and a little water (try a couple of tablespoons at a time) and blend! Hey presto ice cream ... whatever flavour you want and as much as you want. Not quite Ben and Jerrys or haagen Das - but very filling!
day 3 for me

morning all....day three for me here and all going well.

well actually its going fantastic!:gimi: I got on the scales on my third morning and whooppeee.........I am down 8lbs already!!was 15st on thurs am and 14.6 today! Now I know alot of this is initial water loss, lack of eating etc...but wow it deffo looks great to see the scales going down that much. BUT.......everytime I have started VLCD before I always get my period within a week!(even if its not due!) So when I go for my wi on the 29th(cdc away till then) I will probably have totm....but we shall see what happens.........I know if I stick to it I will loose and thats all there is to it really!

Think I will try the icecream today.....I have it before but will try it with the choc orange.
OH and I forgot to say I AM IN KETOSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was freezing last night, but thought it was to do with the weather, but decided to test anyway and there it was a lovely pink square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clap::bliss:

Head feeling a bit woozy again today, but nothing major.

Off to buy caleb his PS2 today.....thats what he wanted for his birthday, so he asked for money, so we are off to the Game Station today to get him the second hand one, and 4 games for 69.99........also going to our new Hobby craft.......get some craft stuff for the kids for xmas. So off for a shower soon and getting ready for the day. Vic working tonight so hes in bed, boys watching a dvd in bed........so I am really enjoying the peace and quiet while I am sitting here typing this!

So have a fab day all...drink loads of water and Len...a whole day SS-ing is not a small thing its fab!!!!!!!!!!! heres to the next 3 days!!!

hugs to all Lou XX
Good luck for day three all - I'm just havaing the banana. These shakes are really nice. I've figured out the longer I leave therm in the blender the nicer they are.
An eight pound loss is fantastic Lou.
I have just lost 3 and 3/4 pounds but I am getting my periods any day now and am bloated so really hope once that goes the weight loss will be bigger.
I was never given any strips to check if your in ketosis - where did you get then - was it from your cd person. I'm based in Ireland
Take Care All

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