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umm...the 4 packs contain all the nutrients and at only 500 cals for that I wouldnt not have one IYKWIM! Possibly would have a negative effect and I worry about the low cals anyway!! Surs someone will have a more scientific answer but I say have the last pack!


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Have it.....if you don't eat them all it can slow your losses down........plus vits and minerals and all that.

There is a reason for having 4, and it's not just to make money!!


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hi Jan
I did that at one point too, but had 5 the next day and felt great. Some people at our class were talking about it and the counsellor said that she wouldn't recommend it as you're not getting the vitamins & minerals that you need, but I think if you make up for it tomorrow there can't be anything too bad. (you could even use the extra pack to make something nice frrom the recipes - I love the fridge cake.)

Our counsellor said though that a client did that for several days, thinking he/she would lose more weight, but felt really tired and lethargic and didn't lose very much weight that week.

don;t know if I've helped at all, just passing on what I've heard. this site is so good - it's my saviour that's for sure!


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Ok.. will have the extra tomorrow.. but I get weighed tomorrow so will have after the class! Gonna try the fridge cake then!


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Can't find the fridge cake recipe.. is it on here somewhere?


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Well I did just have 3 packs yest and feeling all withdrawal-y today.. had 2 soups already so will make some bics or muffins now and scoff those then still have 2 packs left..

Feel yucky n shaky... help!


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Please don't skip on the packs. It is really important you get the vits and minerals and essential stuff your body needs. A a one off fine and have 5 packs the next day but please keep t the 4. Its not about if you are hungry or not its about the nutritional content.

sorry for the nagging!!!


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If you are feeling yukky and shaky try a hot drink (black tea or coffee or water flavours made hot) and try and get some rest. It will pass. You could be coming down with a bug so look after yourself.


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Try and have all you packs that you are meant to have for the day, as the others have said they have all the essential minerals etc that you need, and also having 5 packs willl most proablly take you out of ketosis, and then the cravings will set in.