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  1. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Hello everyone :)

    It was my first weigh in last night at slimming world. I was so nervous but very glad I went! I weighed in at 11 stone, i'm 5'2 so that means my BMI is 28.2. I'm hoping to get down to a target weight of 8 stone 3, giving me 3lbs flexibility either way.

    My food diary for today is:

    Breakfast: 1.5 shredded wheat (B choice) with semi skimmed milk (A choice)
    Lunch: Butternut squash and spinach curry with basmati rice
    Dinner: Garlic and lemon chicken breast with potato skins, salad and a garlic and chilli dip
    Snacks: Strawberries, 2 mandarins and a fruit pot

    I'm also working towards my bronze activity award so I went to the gym for 30 minutes.

    Overall - a positive first day!
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  3. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    I've had another 2 good days. Yesterday and today:

    Breakfast: 1.5 shredded wheat and milk
    Lunch: Butternut squash and spinach curry with rice
    Snacks: Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, mandarins
    Thursday: Prawn stir fry with noodles
    Friday: Cajun chicken, butternut squash and sweet potato wedges and broccoli

    I went to the gym again today for another 30 minutes :) I had 3 syns yesterday and 2.5 syns today. I'm saving them for Sunday because I'm having family round and cooking a roast - I think I'm going to make myself a healthy dessert though as I'd planned on counting syn values for my homemade sticky toffee pudding but I'm too nervous to not lose on Tuesday!
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  4. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    Ooh good luck for Tuesday, I weigh in this Wednesday. Makes you nervous doesn't it when you know you've got to get on the scales. X
  5. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    It really does - it's unheard of for me to stick to a diet for 3 days lol :) It wouldn't happen if I didn't know I have to tell the whole group whether I've gained or lost! xxxx
  6. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Food today:

    Brunch: 2x nimble bread with beans, mushrooms and poached egg
    Dinner: Turkey with bacon and lemon, mashed potato and green beans
    Snacks: 1 date (2 syns), mandarins, semi skimmed milk, fat free yoghurt

    Tomorrow I'm having family around, so it's going to be a high syn day!

    My plan is
    Brunch: Toast with mushrooms and poached egg
    Dinner: Skinless chicken, dry roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, homemade Yorkshire pudding (4 syns), small homemade stuffing ball (6 syns), chicken stock reduced used as gravy (will make "real" gravy for everyone else)
    Dessert: Meringue nest (3 syns), strawberries and 50g ice cream (5 syns)
    Drinks: Asda no added sugar sparkling elderflower (1.5 syns)

    That will take me to 27.5/50 so far for the week.
  7. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    6 syns for 1 small stuffing ball :-0

    I absolutely love stuffing! yummy! xx
  8. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    I stuck to my plan :) I forgot to count syns before for the oil for the Yorkshire pudding so that brings it to 6 syns for a Yorkshire pudding and I only made 9 stuffing balls instead of 12 from my recipe so that's a massive 8 syns per ball! I should have bought low syn sausages but I'd bought them before I was on slimming world. I'll definitely be purchasing some before my next roast!

    My syns are 32.5 so far for the week. 2 days until weigh in!
  9. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    Good luck! Hope you get your well deserved loss! Xx
  10. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Diary looks good :) keep it up xx
  11. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    Food today:
    Breakfast: 1.5 shredded wheat and skim milk
    Lunch: Syn free chicken and vegetable egg fried rice
    Dinner: Sweet chilli salmon (1 syn), new potatoes and baby corn
    Snacks: Mandarins, Pepsi max, cups of tea with milk

    I'm really nervous about weigh in tomorrow! :( x
  12. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    Keep us updated on weigh in, good luck x
  13. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Thanks! It's tonight at 7:30 - I've eaten an early lunch and plan to have a light dinner (likely just salad) before I go then a snack when I get home around 9! x
  14. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Yesterday's food:

    Breakfast: Shredded wheat & skim milk
    Lunch: Chicken and vegetable fried rice
    Dinner: Curly kale and a pomegranate (I didn't eat before weigh in, and it was taster night so I wasn't that hungry when I got home!)
    Snacks: mandarins then various at taster night (saved all my syns for it!)

    Anyway.. The good news, I lost 4.5lbs! I'm away with work next week so I'm going to be keeping a food diary everyday, as it forces me to eat out every night so I'm a bit nervous going off track :( x
  15. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member


    Breakfast: Shredded wheat (B) and skim milk (A)
    Lunch: Chicken and veg fried rice
    Dinner: Spinach and cottage cheese cannelloni with Parmesan (2.5 syns) - this was from the SW website and unbelievably yummy!
    Snacks: 1/2 melon, mandarins, fanta zero and I'll probably have an options hot chocolate later (2 syns)

    I'm wavering a bit today. I'm not leaving the house this eve on purpose to stop myself buying rubbish!
  16. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Breakfast: Shredded wheat (B) and skim milk (A)
    Lunch: Chicken and veg fried rice
    Dinner: Lamb with onions, potatoes, carrots and stock
    Snacks: 1/2 melon

    I'm going to my parents tomorrow and then for a spa day on Saturday - my mum is doing slimming world too so hopefully we can stay on track together! :)
  17. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    You sound like your getting on really well, good for you. & 4.5lb is fabulous :) so pleased for you! xx
  18. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    I've barely eaten today, I was at the dentist yesterday and my teeth hurt :(

    B: 1/2 melon
    L: Pepsi max and a mandarin
    D: 1/2 melon and cottage cheese
    S: Strawberries and more melon!

    I'm on my way to my mums so going to try and eat when I get there. She's making SW stuffed peppers (1 syn) with butternut squash and sweet potato wedges. May have a glass of wine or 2 as well :)
  19. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    At my parents I've had

    1/2 roast pepper with turkey stuffing (0.5 syn), butternut squash wedges with thyme, garlic and chilli, cottage cheese and 250ml wine (9)

    9.5 syns today!
  20. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    At a spa today. Had so far

    B: Papaya, alpen light and banana
    L: Jacket potato with beans, salad and wine (7)
    S: Fruit teas

    D: chicken and spinach curry, rice
    S: butternut squash and cottage cheese, curly kale, Ferraro coconut (3)

    I've bought more wine but I don't want to have more syns! :S x
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  21. BlondieSam

    BlondieSam Silver Member

    I didn't have any more wine. :) I did try a few of my grandmas homemade potato wedges though, she'd made them in the actifry with oil and a little flour. I had 3-4 so going to count a couple of syns for those - overall a reasonably successful day!

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