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Extra Easy 3 weeks and not losing.

Keep diaries in a small notebook so can't post. Thing that's so frustrating is that nothing siginificant has changed from the 1st few weeks. Try to vary my diet, I've introduced a bit of light exercize (not used to it but trying to get 1/2 hr in a day). I need to lose another 1st 7lb.:confused:


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It's difficult to give any suggestions without knowing what you are doing so why not just type up a few days from your diary so people can have a look.

Are you making sure that you are getting the one third superfree foods with every meal? In my experience people who don't can quite often be overdoing the free foods without realising it.
Well, without knowing exactly what you're eating it's hard to say. Sometimes things like this just happen and we get stuck for a bit. I spent 3 weeks losing 1lb a week, then in the last 2 I've lost 5!

If doing EE, As long as you're sure you're including 1/3 superfree with every meal, eating only one healthy a choice and one b choice and having between 5 and 15 syns each day, then it should work. However, occasionally, it seems that one plan does not suit an individual and you may need to try mixing it up a bit to see if that gets you going.
why not try red or green for a change and see if that help shift it in the right direction again?

well done on your loss so far


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i had same problem are you measuring milk as dash extra counts as syns aslo make a superfree soup and it will fell you up, ( i have it as a starter)

My consultant showed how much milk your allowed and its not that much when you see it in a pint bottle if you have whole milk its only about 2 cm's worth!!

not much if you drink lots of tea/ coffee

hope this helps

carla xxx