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3 weeks in... 30lbs gone!

Hi guys..
Been reading for a while but not posting... Loving the CD... been on SS for 3 weeks now, just entering week 4.. 30lbs gone already... I'm so happy! People everwhere commenting on my weight loss and telling me i'm glowing... SOOOOO much motivation... Whatever I went through in the first week or so has all been worth it.. Travel an awful lot for work and have even gone through 8 hour plane journeys and 4 days in the USA without faultering...
To everyone out there doing CD with me.. stick with it.. I hope I can... the results are amazing...

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30lb in three weeks is awesome!

Well done:happy096:


Perseverance is key
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Well done hun, thats fab xx
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I'm so jealous and well done to you :D

that is so amazing and really inspirational...i am having my first weigh in tomorrow and have found the weekend really really hard!! i hope i can shift as much as you have!!

and well sone on the flight and keeping on track in the US!! i was wondering actually how well this diet would work when your travelling as im planning a 32 day trip to the US and i was wondering how you got food on the plane etc!!

any advice would be greatly appreciated!

keep going!! your doing really well!! xx x x
thanks everyone for your lovely kind comments!
Actually I work as cabin crew for an airline so I have easy access to hot/cold water all the time... But I don't know of any crew member that wouldn't help you out in making up your shakes/soups... just go to the galley and ask (you never know it could be me operating your flight!!)
Maybe speak to your cc and ask if you could buy up 32 days worth of stuff to take away...??
It's all allowed into the US (i was rummaged by customs last week and they looked at it all shakes/bars/soups and didn't bat an eyelid!!)
I just made a CD muffin... AMAZING! go the recipe from minimins (of course) and well it's not a proper muffin but wow... very impressed!
Keep going everyone... we can do it!!

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Well done Mr - I'm really impressed and slightly jealous! The last 50lbs will be gone in no time if you keep it up.
tahnks for the advice blondeboy i will absolutely do that!! im finding this week sooo ahrd and i need to remember that when im in america and wanting to scoff my face!! nothing tastes better than feeling thin!! x x x keep up the great work!x x x
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30LBS IN 3 WEEKS!!!WOW!!!!
Bet your well happy with that, thats sooo good im a little bit jealous right now lol!!! But in a good way haha!!! Keep it up!! xx
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That's amazing and keeping strong on plane and in US ! We will be slim for summer !! Keep going !
S: 17st2lb C: 16st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.75%)
Well done! Keep us updated with how you're getting on xxx
Hi Guys.
Hope everyone is doing ok?
6 1/2 weeks in now and 3st 4lbs gone.. Amazing diet with amazing results.. I have to say I do sometimes find it quite hard. Esp. when in places like the US.. Cheesecakes/delis/mcdonalds on every corner.. Altho my attitude towards food is changing, I still think those things are tasty.
All I keep hearing is stories of "Oh yeah, my friend did that, then put it all back on"
Altho I'm determined, it can be quite hard to listen to all the time...
Hope your all doing ok? Lets help each other.. it helps me.
bb121 xxxxx

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