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3 Weeks to go

3 Weeks tomorrow I will finish LT. I hope to be about 15 lbs off my target. 1 week of refeed, 1.5 weeks of being at home with no LT products and then back for maybe 2-3 weeks of finishing LT, I havent decided yet.. depending on how I do over Easter... If I continually lose weight which I plan to do from running at home and sticking to proper refeed then I will prob just refeed for the few weeks.. If not then Im back on it to get rid of last stone or so and never do this ever ever ever again!! Here's hoping...
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One last chance
Wow, you've nearly completed your journey! well done. Keep at it ollie!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Good luck honey :) I am sure you can do it!


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So are you breaking for easter then jumping back onto LT or just refeeding from easter onwards?
You're doing brilliantly! Good luck with the next 3 weeks and you might be closer to goal than you think now :)
So from what I know refeed is with some LT products (have a shake in the morning and evening and food in middle, then eventually no shakes) which is what I'll do for the week before I leave... When I leave I wont bring any LT products with me. I will however eat minimally but know Im going to be doing bad things like drinking while over there..

So I reckon I should lose an average of 5lbs a week from last wed for 4 weeks. That would leave me with 15lbs to go. Refeed for week I maybe lost another 3. Thats 12 lbs to go. If I do a lot of exercise for the week Im home (be sensible with food and drink) I should maintain or even go lower)

If by the wed after I return here I am under 10lbs I will refeed/maintenance. If not I will go back on LT to get rid of last stone. I hope!!

that could all change and havent spoken to anyone about it yet


I will be skinny again!!!
wooohoooo!! go Ollie!!!

What a feeling!!!
Thanks Elle.. Im just looking forward to seeing everyone again when I go home.. And hope they get a suprise hehe!
Awww, get your camera ready for those reactions! How long have you been away for?


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks Chelly! you've been great on here and bring a smell of familiarity to the place which has been great.. even if the smell is of burnt dog poo ;)
Hey you know what the say... A Familiar smell makes people more comfortable coming back :p

Thats what Im here for...

Was going to wash today but decided id leave it for after ive done my refeed process :p
You know Just to make sure nothing changes!!


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Does your family not know you have been doing LT whislt away?


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Not been home since xmas.. been my longest time since moving over 2 years ago.. Wanted to complete this diet before going back... Almost did it! 2-3 weeks too short!
fantastic - they'll be so chuffed for you!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Cool so they will be shocked to see a whole new you!! :D

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