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38 hours down and I am sooo hungry :-(

Hi Everyone

Did ok yesterday which was day 1 for me. I am still feeling reasonably positive about sticking with this VLCD but I am sooo hungry and I have had a stinking headache since yesterday afternoon :cry:, I am trying to drink plenty of water and I have taken some paracetamol to help but fingers crossed I can get through today and get closer to ketosis.

good luck everyone.

Lou x
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Well done Lou :) you've done amazing to get to day 2! From what I've heard the start is the hardest. You never know, you might end up in Ketosis sooner than you'd planned to :) I'm sure someone will have some tips to curb your hunger, aren't you allowed to drink black tea? Something warm always fills me up, even if it's just for a little while! Good luck with the rest of day 2. xx
Thanks Biz,

I love a cup of tea but the idea of black tea :-/ I think I will have a cuppa with the milk, I know that I am not going to be perfect on this diet but as long as it is better than what I was doing and I am losing weight and feeling better then thats all good. My tummy is playing tunes it is rumbling so much lol.

Lou xx
I know what you mean, black tea, YUCK. :| I can only imagine how difficult this diet is, and giving it a go is a massive achievement in itself! Any improvement on my normal eating habits is going to make a massive difference to me, I'm just hoping this can help me to combat my food demons for good. Roll on pay day so I can get on the Exante wagon! Woohoo! Hehe xx
well done so far. the first few days are the hardest. have you ever tried green teas? i would never touch them but i now love them. my fave green tea is the pg tips peppermint. i can honestly say its just as good as having a coffee/tea with milk. it even tastes like having a hot mint drinking chocolate (well, thats what i convinced myself :D)
*adds to shopping list* ;)
Lol Julie, the power of the mind eh, I wonder if I can convince my self that that the strawberry shake is actually a pizza with wedges, sour cream and garlic bread....mmmmmmmmmmmm... now there is a thought lol. I tried green tea and had about 10 cups over a week but just didn't like it unfortunately. I have had a cuppa now with some milk and its warmed me up nicely. I think I have to do this diet just the best I can because I really dont think I can do it 100% but as long as I am doing better than my normal eating habits and I am losing weight and feeling better then its all good and I dont mind not being 100%.

How are you doing?

Lou x
i always have a dash of semi skimmed milk in my morning coffee as i enjoy it and need a coffee hit to wake up. but i have that as planned so i still do 100% most days :D
just almost finished my asda online shop and the blooming site has gone down!! :mad:
try differnt green teas. some are nice and some are yuk.
you got me wanting pizza now :sigh:
I'm going to be doing all my shopping online, the temptation of supermarkets is going to be too much for me! Are all herbal teas free? xx


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How are you making the green tea? If you make it with boiling water it will be gross, you need to put the tea bag in, cover it with cold water and then pour in water thats boiled and cooled a little, it tastes really bitter if you make it with boiling water.
oooh nice tip about the green tea!! I always thought it was meant to be bitter, i love this forum!

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