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3lb gain :( am i doing something wrong :(


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S: 18st7lb
Hello iv had a 3lb gain which is soooo disheartening! I'm on day 4 and do red and green days. So far I have eaten:

Day1 green

Batchelors mild cheese pasta in sauce
200g McCain less than 5% fat chips
Leek and potato soup x 2 bowls (homemade with a Stock cube)
Smash potato
2x alpine bars (he)
56g cheese (he)
1/3 jar homepride curry sauce (syns)
banana x4
Orange x2

Day 2 red
Lamb, suede, carrot soup home made with Schwarz casserole mix sachet x 1 bowl
Lamb shank in mint gravy (morrisons)
Packet of roast chicken breast (checked packet was literally chunks of chicken no hidden sugar etc)
2x pork escalopes
56g cheese (he)
2x alpine bars (he)
Banana x4
Pomegranate x1
Orange x1
Grapes x 1 whole bag

Day 3 red
2x pork escalopes
Lamb shank in mint gravy (morrisons)
8x morrisons be good sausages
French fries Worcester sauce flavour
Packet of chicken breast (same as before)
56g cheese
2 x alpine bars
Banana x4

Does this sound wrong?
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The only thing I can see is that you are not having enough of your healthy extras. If you are following Red or Green you can have 1 or 2 HEXA (milk or cheese) and 2 HEXB.

Also, are you having anything for breakfast?? Are you keeping your syns between 5-15 a day??

What was your eating habits like before you started Slimming World?


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S: 18st7lb
Hi I have 56g of cheese which is 2 he a and I assume the Allen are 1 he b each?

I dont really have breakfast food for breakfast, I never have done I have a meal as such. So yesterday eg I had the escalopes as my breakfast.

Syns I keep to 10-15, sauces or chocolate use these up

Weighed myself yesterday and lost 4lbs now gained 3lbs today :( don't have a Totm as I'm on depo jab so it can't be that and I'm not constipated either.



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S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Actually you are allowed 2 Alpen light bars as a HEXb. (make sure they are the LIGHT versions).

I have also noticed that you are eating alot of bananas and grapes each day, these can contain alot of sugar so perhaps dont eat as much for a few days to see if this effects your weight.

Perhaps try adding some more vegetables to your meals so it fills you up more.

I know its hard but try not to weigh yourself everyday as weight can inluftuate 2-3 pounds every day and sometimes it can be water retention. Are you drinking anough water/fluids everyday??

I am also on the depo injection and dont have TOTM but I still get the mood swings... ha ha. :)


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The first thing to do is stop weighing yourself everyday. Your body will have fluctuations and you will not get a true reflection of your weight if you weigh in more than once a week. Forget about the scales and just stick to the plan and you will probably find you have lost weight when you get weighed.


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S: 18st7lb
Thank u I'll try cutting out the bananas, would it be ok to replace them with oranges as the fruit is what i snack on through the day? the Alpen bars are the light ones so it's x2 for one heb?

I'm obsessed with the scales, when I was 17 I worked in racing and was border line eating disorder I'd weigh myself every hr paranoid bout gaining weight as I'd loose my job!

Now I weigh twice what I did back then but just can't resist weighing each morning, it's a bad habit I know but so hard to break!

Struggling with the veggies, it's ok on green days as I love peas, sweetcorn etc but can't have them on red. Try making soups but I look at them and think urgh....!


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I know how you feel about the scales, I still weigh every day too and know full well that after a year of doing this it does vary a lot and can say gain gain gain all week then WI day it suddenly reads lighter. Nothing wrong with still weighing every day if that's what you like to do (like me!) - it's how you deal with what they say you need to control. Don't let a gain set you back or get you disheartened as if you've been on plan it WILL catch up eventually (about a week in my case). See losses and gains as motivation to either keep up the good work or work harder :)


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S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Yes, 2 x Alpen Light are 1 HEXB.

Just have 1 banana and a few oranges. Its all about trial and error. Some people can eats lots of bananas etc and lose weight but then some people seems to gain. Its whats suits you best its just the finding out what works for you is the longest bit.

Have you thought of doing the Extra Easy days??


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There is awful lot of meat there ..........I know its technically ''free'' but its still all about portion control

The sausages arent syn free?


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I can only really comment on your Day 1 (Green) but it seems like you're having a lot of "quick" stuff (besides the soup) which is all carbs based and not many vegetables.

Your list isn't split into meals so I can't tell what you had and when but assuming you had curry and rice for dinner, that still leaves, smash, leek and potato soup, chips and pasta n sauce for lunch? That's quite a lot of carbs for one day...plus 4 banana's which are quite high in calories.

I think it might help you if you planned your meals (lunch and dinner) before hand and try and make them more balanced, use more vegetables and balance your plate out a bit more evenly. You should really try and have a breakfast too, even if it's only something small as it will give your metabolism a kick start. I hate breakfast too so try and have something small within a couple of hours of getting up and call it my "brunch".

If you have set meals at set times and they're balanced with lots of veg then you shouldn't feel too hungry in between but if you do then you can use your fruit to snack on.
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hi do you go to a class or do it from home. My suggestion would be if you go to a class please throw away the scales. I am not allowed any scales at home as during an illness i put on 3 stone in a week in fluids and basically was weighing on an hourly basis to see it coming off. Now 10 years later i will not allow myself any scales at home as I would become obsessed with my weight more than i already am


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S: 18st7lb
Thanks for replies!

I don't go to class at the moment as I can't drive for 9 weeks cos of injury to get there and there's one bus a week in our area which is useless!!

I tried extra easy when it first came out but didn't get on with it.

Are the sausages not free I got told they were!! It's the morrisons healthy range ones?!

I find it hard to eat meals, I tend to eat a bit then iv had enough then eat again a couple hrs later. Especially things that fill u up quickly like meat.

I do eat when I get up but it's not breakfasts foods (cereal etc) I eat meat if it's red or pasta or potato if it's green?

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Hey hun,

When I first started I did just green days and after a few days of massive carb portions I gradually started introducing more & more salad to my meals so I went from a ratio of 3/4 carbs & 1/4 salad/veg on my plate to 1/2 carbs & 1/2 salad or veg. You can always refill if you like but I find I'm full after just one serving now but I have been doing it for 7 weeks now. You've had some great advice from the posts above so give them a go and I'm sure you'll do well. :)

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