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3lbs gone...gone....gone!!!!!

Way to go you 3lbs is great. Your doing so well.



Trying Hard!
well done, blip is long gone and that stone will be a thing of the past next week.


Glamorous Gran
Thanks everyone - I've got up this morning feeling very positive. I'm still really amazed at the fact that i can take my jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping them, it gives me such a buzz.And the blouse i'm wearing to work today isnt gaping at the bust as it normally does!!
The only blot on the landscape is i'm a bit constipated and hell, was i a bit late for work coz of it.
All in a good cause tho' isn't it girls?
Shar xx
LOL!!!That is so true. Keep up the good work though as it will pay of in the long term.



a bit different everyday
so happy you are back on track and feeling great!!
bet your looking more 26 everyday;)
i think u and nay better warn all your family or else none of them will recognise ya!
yay cd rocks!!
:hug99: well done again
natalie xx


Glamorous Gran
Thanks for the encouragement and the vote of confidence girls, Natayou, i may start to look 26 soon but can someone pleeeease tell the joints!!! One of the main reasons i want to shed the excess weight is coz i suffer from arthritis in my hips, have done for 28 years and its getting sooooo painful. At 11.5 stones my GP told me not to put on anymore weight, what did i do?.......put another 2 stone on!! i know that losing weight will relieve my hips from carrying this bulk around, i vision myself jumping and leaping around like a spring lamb soon, LOL


Glamorous Gran

Has anyone else found that they are getting sick of water, i'm just about managing 1.5 litres a day for the last couple of days. i seem to have developed an aversion to copious amounts of water. its awkward at work as i am a receptionist/telephonist and its difficult to keep leaving the switchboard to pee, keep thinking the cardiac arrest phone will go (i work in a mental health hospital) Cant you just see it now, the dialogue at my disciplinary........"And why was the cardiac phone not answered immediately Shar,.....er, because i had to pee, sir?"
HELP!!! I NEED TO GET THIS STUFF DOWN ME, any suggestions???? ps, tried the flavourings and it does'nt help

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