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3rd day here !!

Hi all

Well today is my third day on ss dont think i would have made it even this far without u guys !!:thankyou:
not feeling too bad at all today infact i feel quite chirpy !! considering last night i was gonna quit nearly cryinig and saying i hated it !! lol
Ive no headaches and so ar not hungry , I havent sufferd that bad at all with withdrawerl my biggest problem is i jst miss eating i really miss it i feel like my right arm has been cut off lol Just goes to show how much of my life is made of from food i have so much free time now i dont know what to do with myself lol:gen126:
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Hey Lisa :D

Well It's my 3rd day too but I cheated last night..hahaha..and yes I think it was not hunger that prompted me to eat..it was just the fact that I was MISSING eating..LOL!!! So I know what u mean..but I have made a solmen promise to myself that I am going to do this 100% :bliss:
hahahaha :D that is what I thought Lisa..if I can do it for 3 days 100% the rest will be baby stuff and I love food too...the kind of person who thinks bout food ALL the time LOL!! But not a great cook :p used to survive on junk food(read chips, burgers and pizzas) no wonder I am soooooo big but now I have to cook all these indian dishes for my OH :cry: and I am soo tempted to eat cuz they smell so amazing *sigh*

But I am going to use you for inspiration and copy you..hahahaha :D U better not give in to temptation woman I am watching u :bliss:
and 4 pounds in 3 days??? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D :D :D Good stuff I guess that is motivation enough.

I don't even have scales..need to buy them!!!!! :(
I am onto my 3rd full day on CD 100% also. However I did LL last year and trust me DON'T be tempted to nibble it is way much harder subsequent times around. You need to stay focussed, think about why you want to eat. Make a choice for youself not feel guilty
oh god indian food i love it my one of my good friends from when i used to work was indian and i went to his house once and the food omg lovely not sure what i was eating but it was lovely lol
Sharon honey thanks a lot for the helpuful post. I am going to do as you suggested. Need to keep reminding myself its a CHOICE i have made :D :D Like I mentioned its just that I miss eating :cry:

No more nibbling. I have printed fat pics of mine to look at everytime I am tempted. They are bound to help..LOL!!

And yes Lisa I love indian food too and it does taste amazing. But I am not going to think bout how good it tastes..hahaha...um goin to think of that pretty pink dress I want to wear for my wedding *think thin thoughts* :bliss:


Totally Focused
Hi Lisa, well done! I'm just checking on you to make sure you are okay! You sound much better today. Keep drinking.......the water, of course!!
I also got on the scales - reckon I'm 6 pounds down, so very pleased. You'll probably be the same on Day 4! I can't wait for official weigh day!
Just off to our caravan for the weekend, but we keep my eye on you all weekend as I have internet link up there.
Take care - and stay focused.
Hey all <wave>

Day 5 for me SS. I must say on Wednesday I nearly gave it all in. I decided to have a coke zero and so far thats been keeping me going when im about to give up.

Oh I also decided to strip off and check myself in my underwear in the mirror. Funny I didn't wish to eat anymore lol

Good luck all wi is Sunday woooo
Hi Fuffa :D

Good on you babes for sticking to it religiously. I gave into temptation last night *ahem* :(

LOL!! But next time I feel like nibbling I shall try the whole underwear in mirror thing that is bound to take whatever appetite I would have :D

Need more water :bliss:
haha Puma try not to break it honestly its harder if you do :)

well done for getting back on it though:):talk017:
I know I know :D bad kiran *pout*

But yes I am happy that instead of throwing in the towel and go on eating like mad I have rebounded and back on it.

How are you finding your day 5??? Has it gotten easier??

:bliss: (I love jumping around..LOL)
Yeah it's not too bad thanks. I'm always unlucky because no matter what day it is I always feel hungry :( aww well I should just live with it I guess lol it really doesnt help that im stuck at work and everyones eating cakes geeeee

Hows day 4 for you going? x

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