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3rd in on SS and feel like HELL!

I feel like hell.. Im on my 3rd evening and Im bloated..nauseaous and most awful sore throat!... I felt fine the first 2 days...but today Im suffering..

I am drinking 2 litres a day.. I literally vomit if I drink more..and I desperatly want to suck a suger free strepsil... but am scared it will knock me out of ketosis..

HELP lol x
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Stick with it and see how you feel in the morning. I'm starting tomorrow but the last two times I've done it I felt like hell on day three but woke up on day 4 feeling a lot better!
Well done on doing the first three days, day 3 is notoriously hard - hit the sack and see how you feel tomorrow...

WOW is it really?.. I didnt know that... I did SS for a week in 2008 and it was Hell on earth... tis time not had the intense headaches but got the sore throat.. dry mouth, bloating and nausea... so its tottally normal is it?...
Everyone seems to have different reactions, I know headaches etc are the norm but our bodies are strange things and they react in completely different ways. Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow but if not then maybe you are coming down with something...have defintely heard of some experiencing a sore throat though so hopefully it's just the pain of week one...I always get tooth ache, now that is a bizarre one! :) x
Let me know how your doing tomorrow! :)
Yeah I will do hun....I will be starting SS+ next Monday and I know I`ll feel better once I get through this week.. I knew it would be tough..but need to get 8st off so pain is beauty! lol x


this time - the last time
I get toothache too. My jaw is killing me. :-(
Glad it's not just me - bizarre eh....our teeth are probably wondering why they aren't constantly chewing food anymore :)
I always get tooth ache and mouth ulcers too :( Day 3 is always my 'hell day ' and I bet you wake up in ketosis tomorrow and feel loads better , it seems that your body has to try and fight off ketosis before it finally gives in so it gets harder then suddenly its great again :)
let us know how you feel tomorrow :)
Ive had awful 1st week havent been able to drink more than 1.5 litres for past 3 days.. terrible bloating, sore and dry throat... nauceaus and sick... got a heavy period ( I never get a paeriod cause I take a progesteron only pill)... so period pains, constipation and trapped wind.
I have my first weigh in tommorow and I weighed myself today and Im 19Lbs lighter than I was on Monday morning?!?!?!?!?!?!

I was 21st on Monday, and today I was 19.9.......can this be normal?????
It can definitely be done and is also normal! I lost 13 pound in my first week last time I did the diet. If you have then that's an amazing loss and surely makes all the pain worth it! I always think how much money I've wasted stuffing myself with food which has resulted in me being fat, unhappy and having to buy new clothes that I don't even want to wear! £40 and a week of hell has to be better than that! :)
Good luck! When are you starting? How much are you looking to lose? x
I am starting next Monday and hoping to lose 3 stones to start with. I brought 1 weeks worth of diet chef but I don't think its for me. I am going to finish it off then start CD. I have manage to lose 2 stones before on CD so I am gonna give it another go. I have really struggled to go back on it but gonna try harder. Make some small goals and keep a diary. I would like to lose the 3 stones by March/April.

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