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    I had my 3rd week WI last night. A measly 4lbs! I have to say after my previous losses I am very down about this. I have done nothing different and have staid rigidly to the plan. I even sat there on Saturday night while my wife, sister and her boyfriend tucked into the most delicious curry. I had my shake.

    I know it will be up and down but I can't help but feel disappointed. I had hoped for a 7lb loss and I can't explain to myself why that did not happen.

    Oh well. Rant over.

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    No, Nick,
    Think about it, 4lbs!!

    Thats loads!! It really is, I mean 2 stones in three weeks - please don't be disappointed.

    I know on my lower weeks it was disappointing but I didn't let it put me off and after about 8 weeks I didn't actually care cos I knew I was sticking to it and I knew the total was going up. In fact it that is what I looked at, just the overall improvement and not the details of actual weight loss.

    I think you are doing great.

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    Sorry, but 2 Stone in 3 weeks is completely amazing.

    Be chuffed with yourself, you are doing brilliantly and I bet a really good loss will show next week and you will thrilled to bits again!

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    Hi Nick,

    It can feel really de-motivating when you have your first "lower" (although 4lbs is still loads as far as I am concerned - I know you blokes lose weight faster) weight loss week. It happens to us all - repeatedly throughout the journey.

    Try not to get obsessed with the numbers and just try to remember that 3 tiny little weeks ago - you were carrying around 2 stone on your back. It sometimes helps to visualise - and I did this one week when I felt like giving up - go and find a rucksack or bag of some sort and fill it up with anything you can find until it weighs 2 stone - I bet you will be amazed how much that really is.

    Try to look forward into the future and think how different you WILL feel - the numbers can be unpredictable on this diet - but if you stick to it - the end result is always amazing.

    Good luck and be strong
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    Hi Nick

    I echo what the others have said 2 stone in 3 weeks is fabulous.

    As for 4lbs, just think of 8 packets of butter or lard all squidged up, and that is what you have lost this week - wow!

    It can seem a bit frustrating when the amount seems low especially after you have managed to keep your resolve when people around you are eating curry. You are doing brilliantly though, keep to it and you will soon be the Dad who can ;)
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  7. creashor

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    Thanks very much for all the nice support.

    Dummy out moment now over!

  8. Mini

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    Hi Nick,

    Your weight loss of two stone in three weeks is fantastic.

    In the first month you will lose the most and then it does slow down a bit after that.

    The guidelines are a around a stone for a woman and a stone and half for a man and this can vary up and down depending on a number of factors from height, activity, age etc. But the one thing you can be sure of is that if your doing the diet it does come off.

    Mindless has reached his goal weight this week, plus an extra 4lbs. for good measure making a total weight loss of 144lbs.

    Here is Mindless history of weight loss and you can see from this how the weight came off. He lost the most in the first month.

    Week 1 to 4: - 16lb, - 11lb, - 4lb, - 6lb
    Week 5 to 8: -6lb, -3lb, -7lb, -3lb
    Week 9 to 12: -6lb, -4lb, -2lb, 0lb
    Week 13 and 14 then 15 and 16: -15lb, -1lb, -4lb
    Week 17, 18, 19: -5lb, -3lb, -3lb
    Week 20 and 21: -7lb (thats the Ton up folks)
    Week 22 and 23: 0lb (Birthday excuses), -5lbs
    Weeks 24 and 25: +8lbs (no excuses but a storm has broken and is rained out)
    Week 26, 27 and 28: -10lbs, -5lbs
    Weeks 29 and 30: -6lbs
    Week 31,32: -1/2lb (but I don't count that), 0lb (its official, I'm d**king about)
    Week 33,34: -9lbs (thats better), -6lbs (Oh my God a pound to go and I'm on holiday LOL)
    Week 35: +10lbs (another reason to hate holidays LOL)
    Week 36: -8lbs (after the yo - the yo)
    Week 37: -7lbs (gosh, guess that means I've made it)
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