3weeks in. 12stone to lose. need help =/

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by fat2skinnyme, 13 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    Hello fellow weight watchers,
    I started *WEIGHT WATCHERS* 3 weeks ago starting at 25stone 2 (i was 25.10 in november).
    first week i lost 4lbs :)
    second week i gained 2lbs :( totm!!

    i get weighed on thursday mornings but todays weigh in has to be at 7pm =( and im dreading it, i feel different and have eaten well, i just dont like the idea of weighing in so late, does it make a huge difference???

    im getting married in october, should of started ww years ago but no motivation and not in the right mind, now i need to be. id love to lose at least 8/9stone by the wedding (end of october) seems impossible at the moment.

    i should be a skinny minnie running around after a 6year old and a 1year old.

    any tips would be a godsend right now, feel like im failing badly, need and want to stick at this.

    thanks guys and girls for reading =)
    will post my weight loss for this week tonight =/
    wish me luck

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  3. traceyfizz

    traceyfizz Full Member

    Hi I started last week have changed my eating quite significantly for me so I hope to lose 5 stone in a few weeks lol .... But in reality am aiming for 18 months , this site is very good and everyone supportive so anything is possible
  4. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    thankyou for your reply. good luck on your journey.
    im hoping to use this site as much as possible :)

    sooooooooo blooming impressed...........3lbs down tonight =) was so worried about evening weigh in. onwards and upwards, cant wait :D

    maxine x
  5. TB1972

    TB1972 Member

    Hi Maxine
    Are you following Slimming World or are you doing the WeighWatchers Plan?
  6. Lisa-Marie-

    Lisa-Marie- Member

    Hi Maxine, I weigh on a Thursday night at a WW meeting and am really getting into it. I don't think the time of day matters too much, maybe half a pound/1 pound... Im liking having Weeklies to use on a Friday evening and Saturday afternoon then I focus for the rest of the week. I also want to lose about 11 stone but for now I'm aiming for 19.11. How are you getting on with Slimming World??
  7. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    What I do is plan the whole day out the night before. I add a snack for mid morning, mid afternoon and one before bed so I don't get hungry in between and if I am still hungry I just have fruit. My snacks are always 2 points so I really think half the battle is finding options that are low in points and will satisfy you xxxxx
  8. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    excellent loss!!!
  9. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    Omg panicked then thinking I had posted in the wrong place, I typed so fast I didn't realise my mistake lol I am doing WEIGHT WATCHERS NOT SLIMMING WORLD lol.

    I'm finding it easier this week thank god. I find if I plan my day then I do alot better.
    I'm a major chocoholic so it's the evening I struggle with so I've started reading again and cross stitch again so it's keeping my hands busy and my mind off food. I'm also in the process of rhinestoning my wedding shoes, so far 3000 rhinestones on one shoe, and let me tell you I tried eating a bar of chocolate while gemming my shoe, needless to say it was messy and I nearly choked on a rhinestones LOL!!!

    Thankyou all for your replies :)


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  10. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    Thankyou :) xx

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  11. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    Quick question, do you use all your daily points? I have 71 daily points and I'm only using between 45-54. 71 seems like a he'll of alot :-/ xx

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  12. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    thats quite a lot of points to get through in a day "/
    id say dont use them if u dont need them!
    i use all of mine but then again i only get 29 :( so make the most of them! theyl be gone as fast as ur weight!!!
  13. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    how do u know ur allowed that many points? do u go to a meeting? x
  14. Lisa-Marie-

    Lisa-Marie- Member

    I weigh 22.2 and am allowed 47 points. I usually use 40-45 during the week but Fri and Sat I use all of the 47 plus some weeklies. My leader made a very good point that if you don't use your points you won't have any to cut as your weight decreases. They work it out based on how many calories/points you'd be eating to maintain your current weight and then take a bit off to aim for losses of about 1-3 lbs.
  15. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    yeah ive been going to meeting since day one, when i installed the app and put my weight in it said 71 daily points + 49 weekly points, i had to check with the leader as thought it was huge amounts but as my starting weight was 25stone 4 that is my points allowance xx
  16. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    i put ur weight into calculator n guessed height as 5.2 n it said 48 daily points ?
  17. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

  18. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    tad confused now as my leader worked my points out by weight, height, age and gender and its 71, and the ww app says 71 but the calculator you have put up here says 53 =/ im not too worried as ive never used over 60 points but going to email my leader now and find out why its coming back different =/
  19. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

  20. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    the value diary app lotsa ppl use if they arent subscribed to ww says 51 too "/ confusin!!
  21. fat2skinnyme

    fat2skinnyme Full Member

    is that app for the old pro points plan or the new one as on the old pro points apparently id be on 53 pp a day =/

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