4/8/12: Can i lose 5 stone by then?


Hey all. I'm getting married in august 2012 and really can't buy a size 22 wedding dress. I'm hoping to lose 5 stone with slimming world. So far, in 4 weeks, I have lost 9lb which I'm really pleased with but I have had a rough few days and I'm hoping posting on here will help keep me motivated. I'm also want to up my fitness levels as I would love to be able to run and swim on honeymoon.
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Of course you can do it. You can do anything as long as you really want it. Have a read through some befores and afters for motivation :)


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You can do it!!! No problem! Put your mind to it & you can achieve anything, I do think with weight loss, you have to really really want to do else it wont happen. SW is a very good diet & you shouldn't miss anything.

I'm not on SW but Calorie Counting & exercising & in less than a month I've lost 18lb :) I'd definitely try & exercise, or at least move more if you can.

Good luck. xxxxx


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We are getting married on the same day!!

Well after reading through your post I must say its quite spooky!!
We have just booked our wedding for Saturday 4th August 2012 at 3.00pm. I also am currently a size 22, have recently join SW and am aiming to lose 5-6 stone before the wedding!!

I am told this is possibly so I am giving it my all!!!

Good Luck with your weight loss journey


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Hi, I have a similar amount to lose and getting married June 2012! Don't doubt you can do it - I'm confident I can if I put my mind to it and I've 2 months less! Best of luck to you, it's so exciting! The boards are going to be my lifeline I think to getting through, I've only joined a few days ago and already feel welcome and have gained some good advice :) xx


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I'm with you on this one I'm getting married July 2012 and need to loose 4 stone I'm really bad at diets though and love food to much. I think we can do it going to be confident. Good luck


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Good luck. We are about the same size and same situation. I don't want a big wedding dress either! It can be done tho. Let's support each other :D


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I did not diet for my wedding and regret it now...I have lost 4 stone 10 since feb and when i look at my wedding photos (april 2010) i do regret leaving it. If i had known it would be as easy as slimming world makes it i would have def done it!!!
I'm sure you will do it!!! All of u! Good luck on your journy! x