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4 stones in 4 months?

whats your own website page?

It is ****

I think I'm going to copy my posts to here too, it would be good to get support on this forum as well. I certainly need it :)

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Hi James,

best of luck with your challenge! Have you had your first weigh in yet? I think I will join you. I need all the support I can get! I have 3.5 stone I'd like to lose in total so I guess it works out well if I join you a month late!

My first challenge of today was a big gorgeous cake in the office at work. I have managed to say no so far and I'm nibbling on fruit!
hey james , your challenge caught my eye...and i gotta say i like your determination and drives....and i think you will do just fine... cant wait to see your statistics on the 1st i have bookmarked site and will be following you closely..

i am 24 from the UK.. ive lost 6 stones already since feb 09. soo.. as im still 17 st 8 +1/2 lbs im in for this challenge i aim to be 13 stone 8 + 1/2 by the 1st november =D... if you will have me for teh challenge... let me know.

kiira x
Hi Lucy, Hi Kiira...thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Very much appreciated.

It would be great to have you both on board. I think the support of others, whether near or distant, is always crucial to succeeding in something like this. Although I'm going to do everything (sensible) I can to lose the four stones...if I don't quite make it then I will still be happy if I have given it 100% If you see what I mean?

I haven't weighted myself recently but I reckon I'm about 15.5-16stones right now...I'm pretty good at guessing my weight by the clothes I can fit in! :)

Well done on avoiding the cake Lucy - keep it up! And a big congrats on your loss so far Kiira, that's fantastic.

Can't wait for the 1st!

looking forward to it =D
Hi there JamesD

I'd love to join in as well as I wish to lose 70 lbs in 14 weeks

Im doing my own version of Gillian Mckeiths - You are what you eat, plus
Jason Vale Juice's, so will have heaps of raw foods, veg& fruit, soya products, pulses, fish and no dairy.

I'll also excercise every day for 1 1/2 hr

It will be GREAT to spur each other on, for sure :winner:
Hi gypsygirl, good to have you on board. I hope we can all have lots of success.

*below copied from my blog site*

It has begun...the clock is now counting down :)

Just before I list my stats I want to welcome gypsygirl from minimins.com to the challenge...good luck to you, I know you can do it!


Weight: 15 stones 7 lbs *eek*
At hips: 41 inches
At belly button: 43 inches
Chest: 42.5 inches
Thigh 22.5 inches

As you can see I have measured at both my belly button and roughly where my jeans/trousers come up to, rather than have a generic 'waist' measurement.


I will add these up later today - I am having difficulty uploading them right now.


I had intended on low-carbing for the first month but I have changed my mind. Instead I am going to break myself following a slimming world plan for the next month; this is largely because when it is so hot I am not always fond of eating meat (not that I'm overly fond of meat anyway.) I appreciate that low-carbing can be done without meat but I reckon that if I tried that then I might fail - I think I'll save low carbing efforts for later down the line for when I need a boost. The slimming world green plan will allow me to eat lots of jacket potatoes which are an absolute dream with salad on lovely summer days.

Good luck everyone!
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Hello James - just want to wish you and everyone else the best of luck hitting your targets. And echo your love of the jacket spud with salad during the summer!

How's it going so far... well, I hope?


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Hi james

Could I join I want to lose a total of around 3 stone maybe a little more before my 21st birthday in November it would be great to have some support in doing so aswel
Hi Iris, thanks for the best wishes...it really is appreciated. I completely forgot to post my blog entries on here - I'll copy them ver now. I love jacket potatoes...although I am holding off rubbing the skins in olive oil and salt before I cook them!

Hi Korinne. It would be great to have you on board, the more the merrier! There is something about the support of others which I think is key to achieving goals; I'm sure you will get to where you want to be for your 21st. You can do it!

How is everyone else getting on?
*posted 2nd July on blog*

today, I have been...

...going for a pee far too much. All this water going in and out will be the death of me :) Well, maybe not, but it is damn tiring.

Nothing eventful to report really...I might pop a couple of my meal records by the end of the week, just so you can see what I have been eating.

Keep up the losses.


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Monday, 6 July 2009

Jacket potatoes

Just how many JPs do you think I will end up eating by the end of this month? Hundreds I reckon! The great thing about slimming world green days is that carbs such as potatoes and rice are allowed in unlimited amounts...well, you can't have regular chips but there is a way of cooking them with fry light that makes them taste almost as good. It seem sreally naughty to be eating so many carbs but I think it's working...

...on Wednesday we will find out. I'm going to be weighing in every Wednesday as it was a Wednesday the challenge started on. In addition, I will weigh in on he 1st if each month in order to find out what my monthy loss is. Between the 1st July and the 1st November there are 17 weeks and a few days; if we say that there are 17 weeks in which I need to lose 56 lbs then the average is 3.294 lbs per week.

Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

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ive lost 5lbs this week james , lol.. hope your WI goes okay x
5lbs? That's fantastic...well done. A great start to the challenge, and even more remarkable given how much you have lost already.

That's great inspiration.
thanks james i uploaded a new youtube vid today also =D

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