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4th week & I've Cheated - Worlds Ended!! Help!

Hi everyone

Well I need the biggest boot up the rear possible!

Last night I cheated - I had Pasta and salad followed and hour later with half a cadburys easter egg!! Why oh why oh why...

My husband left yesterday for Australia for 10 days and I feel as if my world has ended! My children were at school and I did the worst thing possible I stayed in...

I kicking myself for doing it but I understand what I've done and why I've done it but I still feel ahhhhhhhhh.

This morning I'm back on my drinks and I'm fine... But I didn't see this coming?

What damage have I done???

I'm postive today but I'm angry with myself..

Hope your all keeping to it - Have any of you gone off the rails?

Speak to you all later xxxxxxxxxxxxx :break_diet:
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Totally normal reaction to your hubby leaving for 10 days id say! Look please dont beat yourself up about your blip yesterday, and thats all it was a blip. It will have delayed your loss by maybe a day so get back on track, which you have done and by the end of his holiday there will be that bit less of you to come home to. Youre gonna be fine.


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:whoopass: There now I have got that out the way.
Well your hubby going away is obviously the trigger, now you need to put the blip behind you, put it out of your mind completely or your blip will turn into a landslide.
Get straight back on track and drink as much water as you can, hopefully the damage wont be too bad.
In times like this turn on your computer and come and tell us how you are feeling and then we can help you get through it. Then there is the arcade too if you like the games. This works for me as Im so busy trying to get a high score ....food goes right out of my mind


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Ok lets look at it - you've had one day of cheating - but you are back on it now. If you are good the rest of the week, drink plenty of water you'll not have done too much damage.

We are all human (well most of us!!!) and if we could stick to it without any cheats, would probably not need to diet anyway. What you need to look at in future is what to do if and when you feel you might cheat.

Hope getting nack on track is not too difficult and I'm sure you'll be fine for your weigh in. Find plenty of things to do whilst your DH is away - and imagine the surprise he'll get when he gets back to the new improved slimmer you! Good luck.

Cherry Plum

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Hi SCW, I've not gone off the rails but I know two people who have & they have found it very difficult emotionally & psychologically to get through this, but they have managed to.
It is going to be hard work for you, but we are all here if you need someone to talk to, if your finding it tough.
So keep shaking & drinking the water & put it down to experience & move on.

Well done for not giving up altogether.


somebody shrink me
One slip up is NOT the end of the world hun!!!!

My fiance is in the navy and goes to sea a lot, so I know how upsetting 'goodbyes' are, and the empty feeling you're left with.

Obviously you were very upset yesterday and that is why you ate. Next time you get upset and reach for the fridge, just think about how you feel today, the aftermath, and you'll probably think twice about doing it.

Just get back on that wagon today and you'll be fine.... we've all been there!!!

Sending hugs to get you through the next 10 days!!

Good luck getting back on track hun!!! xxx


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Hrm.....well...obviously only you knew why you munched and why that was what you chose to munch.

Ok...hubby left.....maybe you were upset? or maybe its the habit of eating in secret? afterall.....child out of the house...you are alone, no one to explain missing food too.

The world hasn't ended...I'm sure that is classed as awfulisation or something in LL land. Being overly dramatic...mountain out of molehill. You get the picture.

In reality...you ate some pasta and salad and some easter egg. Ok...pasta will have kicked you out of ketosis, assuming you're in ketosis? and the choccie too........but the salad? odd eh....strange thing to reach for. Some small part of you wanting it to be healthyish....and thats a pretty good thing. Not really that drastic if you were in the real world of food now is it?

There are hardly any of us who have not fell off...or rather jumped off the wagon....I have been in many many MANY of the same situations....fallen off my wagon countless times but I will get there eventually and each time I fall I find something else out.

So....take 2 things away from this. Learn.....how were you feeling? what were you doing? WHY did you doing it? and determination.....do not let this beat you. You have control over what you do from now.

I think being mad at yourself is a good thing....not getting mad at yourself makes it more acceptable to make the choices you have and one of these days you might just not bother about it then where does that leave you?

Now....10 days is a good chunk of time to make a difference...how about setting a mini challenge of keeping on the straight and narrow for that time...then set a new one when you get there. Pleeeeeeeease don't use hubby coming home as a reason to eat.....plan something nice, bowling, cinema.

Anyway, rambling now. Have to go do some work!!

Best of luck, keep us posted!!

Come on 1 blip in 4 weeks is not too bad, as least you know what you've done and if you are willing to stick to LL, then you will be able to get back on track. So pick yourself up and just think how much slimmer you will be when hubby comes home. 1 way to take your mind off the food think of someting special to do with all the family when you are together its suprising how much it will help getting over the blip. Good luck for the next 10 days keep your chin up. BIG HUG FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS:hug99:
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:hug99: Hiya,
Hope you are feeling a bit less bereft now, and back on the plan. Really missed you in class tonight, please dont let this set back put you off coming back, ring Maria and pick up your packs tommorow. I bet youve still lost weight, your the best loser in the class and can easily afford a little setback. Little Maria came back after 2 weeks in Dorset and she ate the whole time she was there and still lost 2lbs, and she is determined to start a fresh so dont think you have let the side down or anything. You are only human you know what caused it, so you have learned a valuable lesson. So lets see you next week with a big smile coz youve lost loads again.
Love and a Big Hug
from Carole XX

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