4th weigh in


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Hiya, everyone

Lost 5lb today:D so thats 27lb, doing aam week bit nervous about it, but i did enjoy it,:) 2 oz chicken with a little veg. :rolleyes:

when you look at the cd booklet about aam week, one says 2oz and one says 3oz:confused: of chicken. But they are exactly the same booklets???

I said to my cdc today 3oz of chicken and she said no 2:confused:

so I got another booklet today because i told my cdc, i did not have that book, to find i did, but the aam week was slightly different:confused: to the first one i was given by 1oz,

Has anyone else spoted this?

Well done Pebbles!! :cool: The Weight Care booklets are being constantly updated, hence sometimes the differing information. I advise 3 oz of white fish/poultry :D
Sorry Pebbles can't help but congrats on your weightloss that's fantastic! Dizzy
Wow!! 1lb off 2 stone in such a short time! Well done you! :D

I'm sure you'll do fantasticly well on AAM. And top that into the 2 stone mark ;)