5 stone in 3 months on TFR - opinions please!!


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Hi everyone & I hope u r having a good day. I was just wanting to know is it possible to lose 5stone in 3 months on TFR? Or is that asking too much. I personally think it is, but I have been told by a few people, including the pharmacy I buy my lipotrim from, that it is possible. I Would love to hear ur opinions & if u know if this milestone has ever been achieved.

Lookin forward to hearing from u all

Love Julie xx
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hi, a few ladies on here have achieved that goal
Weeks 01-26 on lipotrim: -98lbs (including a total of 6 weeks off for one reason or another)
2)Louloubellehoney Weeks 1~11 Minus 56lb`s
marymcd Week 1: -11.6 lbs
Week 2: -4.7 lbs

(1 stone gone!!!!)
Week 3: -3.7 lbs

Week 4: -6.6 lbs

Week 5: -4 lbs

(2 stone gone!!!!)
Week 6: -4 lbs

Week 7: -2.4 lbs

Week 8: -4.6 lbs

Week 9: -5.5 lbs

(3 stone gone!!!!)

thats only some i found there are way more


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Can only hope and pray lol


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It's a bit extreme but if u've got a lot to lose, then it's do-able! But it's gonna b very very hard, as LT averages a stone a month! A big loss on 1st week, n it evens out roughly 1st a month.
I no people hav lost 5st in 3 months!
Good luck with LT!
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Wow - dirty paws that is fantastic - I've lost 5 stone in 3 months.