5 Stone To Lose For Oct 09 Wedding

Discussion in 'Brides To Be' started by gypsygirl, 24 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. gypsygirl

    gypsygirl Member

    Hi All

    Just like to say hello, and mention that Im new here and planning to lose 5 stubborn stones for my beach wedding in CapeTown S.A in Oct.

    Im 5' 2 and 3/4, weigh in at 14 St 7 Lbs which you can imagine looks pretty horrendous but I am Determined to do it.

    Actually I have no choice, as Im NOT going to be a Embarressed, Unhappy, & Fat Bride !

    Im going to follow a healthy type of G.Mckeith's ' You are what you eat ' which consists of Heaps of Raw foods, soya, pulses, fish and vege juices and Jason Vales masterjuices.

    Im going to get out of this vicious circle of depression and comfort eating, and focus solely on a new start with my wonderful man looking and feeling BRILLIANT !

    Will be starting tomorrow (25th June) & will weigh -in weekly.

    Good luck to any other brides to be and lets all put our Positive Hats on and Go For It ......


    Kat xx
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  3. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    You go girlfriend!
    I am getting married the month after you but 'sob' nowhere as glamourous a honeymoon, I am so envious!
    We'll need to sput each other on:)
  4. gypsygirl

    gypsygirl Member

    Hi Kazisindahouse

    Best of luck to your special day as well.

    What spurs me on actually, is visualizing the wedding day and imagine seeing what I look like And how Im feeling.

    I do NOT want to be feeling uncomfortable, self concious or being really pi**ed off with myself for giving up and bending to temptation, and after all I LOVE all vegetables, pulses etc so its all about being CONSISTANT, so I really have no excuse

    Its up to me whether or not I fail or star like a champion.....:superwoman:

    Are you doing any exercise's as well ?
  5. Cwairebelle

    Cwairebelle New Member

    Hi all, can anyone help please, I have been on Cambridge diet for 6 months and so far have lost 5 stone, I am getting married in October, is it possible to lose 2 inch of your back in 6 weeks, only I got my dress on Saturday and gutted as it doesn't fit, OMG, any advice appreciated as you have done so well. And we all want to look stunning on our day. But I am wicked bad stressed now, help me...I like the idea of writing the wedding date on my hand :)
  6. HI


    Just noticed your post, If you do TFR (SS) for 6 weeks then you should loose another 1.5 stone.

    Also this is a great way to loose LOTS OF EXTRA inches!!! Search for your local Universal Body Contour Salon

    Universal Contour Wrap

    I did this last summer and lost loads of inches. It really does work. Other things you can do is get a slendertone belt and use it every day, walk fast for 30mins everyday also, and if you get a medicine ball and use it there are some great exercises for burning fat and toning your sides.

    I think the more things you do, in a combination then you will get massive results, it is all about doing a little bit everyday, it will take a lot of discipline and focus, but it will be only be for 6 weeks and then results will be in your pics forever.

    good luck
  7. xsarahjaynex

    xsarahjaynex New Member

    What is TFR (ss) - i need to lose 4 stone, i started out weighing 14.3 and im on 12.8, any suggestions please?x

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