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5 weeks to xmas - day one restart


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Noticed there are quite a few of us on day one of a re-start, and five weeks left till xmas.
So why not try and keep each other pepped up on here? We could all be a stone lighter by then.

I always enjoy day one (no idea why though). I am determined to stick with this till Xmas though, and am thinking of buying a dress in a smaller size to hang up, to spur me on. Is it a good idea?
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Cicerone I will join you there, I started on the same day as you and so far so good! My target is a stone off by crimbo too - we gotta do it girl!

I am on SS+ as my best friend who is the counsellor said it makes very little differecne to SS alone if I am having just a miniscule top-up protein meal - i.e. for me last night about 3 sprigs of broccoli and half a tin of tuna - did the job!

The proof will be in my first weigh in!

Keep me posted!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Lynsey,
Day 3. How are you doing? I feel really good, and optimistic this time and just been to get weighed, and found I've only put 2lbs on since my last time, so really chuffed, and motivated.
My cdc also said, if I feel like I'm going to cheat, just have a small protein meal, so thats cheered me too.
I cant remember how I got my pic up. Let me check and get back to you.
Ahhh.... yes I remeber now, can't do avitar until I have completed 30 posts! DOH!

Yeah, going good - went to a conference today and the food they laid on was LOVELY looking! I wilfully divided myself from the group and sat in the lecture room sipping my chocolate brick which was amazingly nice!! (I don't have a sweet tooth so not liking the shakes, but the bricks okay).

Before CD I used to nibble and get hungry so quickly after meals but on this I NEVER feel hungry - why is that?? I guess for me it's the water, I have always hated water since being a kid and until now have not drank it willingly let alone 2.5-3 lites a day!! (I'm using sparkling, bit more tolerable).

If it stays this easy then I am laughing - says the lady sitting here while the bys in the house eat a takeaway!!

How did you find it last time? What made you stop?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I like the tetras too. I'm gonna have a choc shake in a bit, and my cdc said to use hot water, as its just like hot chocolate, so fingers crossed. I dont feel hungry either, but I do think its mind over matter. IF you can get passed the mental things ie. "I need that bacon butty", when you really dont, then its quite easy.

How good are you, with a takeaway being by you. I live alone, so there is nothing in my kitchen except water and Cambridge stuff!! I guess I wont be getting many visitors around in the run up to Xmas.

I was doing brilliantly last time, then went away for my birthday and it all went a bit pear shaped from there!! I just couldn't get back into it. I also had loads of compliments and believed I looked like Cindy Crawford hahaha.
They key is to not stop until you reach your goal, and then work up the plans till you can eat in a healthy way, which will include treats too. I am determind this time, as I keep telling myself, If I had stuck with it, I would be at my goal now.

Glad to hear your doing well too, and its nice to know we can spur each other on.

Aww... well done you! Yeah living alone would be a HUGE bonus with three males in the house!! I have great willpower and with medical as well as vanity reasons this MUST work for me and only I can make it.

Keep in touch.... xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 4 - started off with a Fruits of the Forest shake today, drinking plenty of water and I'm now about to clean all the windows inside and out. Keeping busy today, and the place will be sparkling by the time I've finished. See there are bonusus to doing CD.
How yummy are the choc shakes!!!
Hope everyone else is doing well too. Remember Christmas will be upon us all soon, and how nice will it be to get into an outfit a size smaller xxx

I seem to be having a less easy day today - apart from ease of getting to the loo quick I think being inactive at home is making me hungrier as I am nearer the food that I cannot and will not have!

Started with porridge which I begrudgingly threw away as it was vile - I am finding all the sweet things too sweet for me, I just hate 'fake' sugar taste.

Instead had a hot vanilla shake with coffee in it - that's bearable at least!

Well done you for doing the windows - must say mine really do need doing so that's a great idea.

Went for a walk with the kids in the woods earlier - apart from being freezing, I had to come home as started to get too far away from a toilet for my liking!!

I have already today fitted into a pair of jeans that previously were distinctly uncomfortable - can the difference happen that quick??



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Oh yes it does., and its a lovely feeling, you will find so much pleasure in trying on all your old clothes over the coming weeks. I know what you mean about the toilet thing. I could do with a commode! I've been that many times today. Not sure if I am in Ketosis yet, and the Wee sticks are a bit too expensive (the diet is dear enough)., but I hope so.

Well I've done the windows, had a hot choc shake, and just off for a bath now, before x-factor. I'll be putting some bio-oil in the bath too, as I've heard its good for the skin, when your losing weight fast.
I'm also thinking of taking up some proper exercise, but one step at a time eh!
Your doing great Lynsey., and try and keep yourself busy. Also, early nights help when your feeling a bit fed up


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Sunday, day 5 - Woke up feeling yukky today. Got a sore throat, and I just hope I am not coming down with something.

Today is usually the day (on my past re-starts), I have cheated and eaten. Determined not to fall again, so drinking plenty of water already, and thinking about making my porridge. Going to try and keep busy, and maybe go for a long walk (if the rain stops).
Hope everyone else is doing well.
Yeah - not easy when I have just had to load a trolley full of 'normal' food in Asda!! I must say if I can do something like that then the resat has to be easy!!

Bought myself some salmon steaks so going to enjoy one tonight with oriental chilli soup and spring greens....it's strange how much we look forward to food now!

Hope you don't develop more than a some throat, there's a lot of viral throat bugs going round where I live, so fingers crossed not that bad for you????

Glad I am not the only one thinking this day is tough!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Still feeling yucky. Had an awful headache today too, but not sure if its just the CD kicking in.
Early night for me tonight., and just hope I feel better tomorrow.
Was near to giving in earlier, but as the fridge is empty and the weather was too bad to go out, I managed to make it through another day.
Just hope I feel better tomorrow.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well feel even worse then yesterday. My throat is so sore, and my head feels like there are tiny mice in there hitting me with mini hammers!
Staying off work and in bed today. About to have my first shake (or at least try to). I'm on day 6 and will not be beaten!!
Hope everyone will have a much better day.

How's today treating you?

I had a confidence boost today when I went to see my doctor who immediately notisec I looked slimmer!! WOW! Can it really be that noticeable that soon??

I have decided that I am loving lots of the soups but really only liking the banana shake (warm). Still that's okay, doing well with the water and had nearly 4 litres yesterday - for someone who before this hated water that isn't bad huh!!?

How are you finding it? Must say I am looking forward to starting back to work full time next week and being really busy!

Do you work?



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I feel awful today. Just managed a porridge and I'm going back to bed. Had to phone in work this morning, but we are very quiet at the moment, so hopefully I wont be missed.

Are you looking forward to your weigh in? Mines not till Friday!, but I am a little excited and nervous.

Just thought I would share my good news after my 1st weigh in to day - 6.5lb lost (I thought it was a week but my counsellor reminded me it's only 6 days!).

I am really chuffed although maybe hoped for a bit more seeing as I have stuck to it like glue all week! Werdly enough I have started a period today and haven't had one for months, think the weight loss must have helped that too???

Let me know how you're doing xx

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