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5ft 6 inches tall + 11st 11lbs

Which Desperate housewife do you most identify with?

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Hi there,
Just started Lipotrim yesterday. Av been extremly good but this evening I am struggling. Have come online to be positive. I know I'm not terribly overweight but I would like to be 9half to 10 stone. The extra 2 stone have crept on in the last 3 years and I just wana get a hold of it now before it get's worse. Admitedly my diet isn't low fat but I know after a good run of this it will be easy for me to stick to healthier foods.
Anybody with a similar height and weight loss wana join this thread? Or anyone. Thanks.:)
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hi, take a wee look around here and get in contact with people...all the best on your new adventure


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hey I know how ya feel, I was 3 stone over weight but I'm just under 6 ft so I "carried it well" as people kept telling me. I'm half way through my 4th week and iquite happy with my progress. my plan was to lose 2stone this way the the last stone through diet and exercise. Stepping up the water intake now to ensure the 2stone loss :) Hang in there with the diet, first 3 or 4 days were bad but it does get way easier to restrain yourself :)


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I same height and as you and am 11stone 5.5lbs but unfortunutly i have had to come off lipotrim till after christmas cos of money having 5 children and a 1st birthday next moneth money is very tight! good luck on lipotrim and i be watching how you get on!
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Hi, welcome and good luck. I'm 5'5" and my target weight is about 9st 7lb, though I haven't been that weight since I was a teenager!!!! My sis is your height and has just put on a stone taking her to 9st and a healthy size 10, still a bit skinny but definitely better than she was!!!!

Hi, i'm 5ft 7" and weigh 15st 10lbs:whoopass:
i'm a size 14-16:massmoon:
My target is 11st 10lbs:innocent0001: and hopefully a size 12:party0049:
My first weigh-in is tommorrow, terrified but can't wait!!!!!! Bring it on woohoo
Good luck with your first week!!!!:vibes:
Hey guys,
Thanks for all the encouragement. Felt like a fraud going into chemist as I'm not terribly overweight but I myself am not happy so time to sort it out! Well day thre down and got absolutely no headaches....weird as usually I do if I haven't had sugar. Must be the water as I normally drink zilch. Sorry to hear you can't do it at the moment madhousemum. Hope I can give you some inspiration though you seem to have done really well so far! Little Miss living, you should have no problem getting into a 12 at that weight. That's what I am and can fit a 12 on top and 14 on bottom. Silver Silph, well the head pharmacist took one look at me as if to say what are you doing going on lipotrim but changed her mind when she weighed me as I seem to carry it well too. V.healthy looking which is good too. Philip, I enjoyed your quote. Good luck, you seem to be doing well.

My thighs seem smaller today. I always have to get wide leg jeans! Hate skinnies anyway.

The only things I can have without retching are the chicken soup-not too bad and the cardboard flapjacks-rotten but bearable. Have tried everything else including latte with sweetner and can't drink them.

Keep it up! It's nearly bedtime! I am not going to give it. I am full of admiration for you guys that are on it a while! Yeah.
cant believe you like the 'chicken poop' :eek:lol

we are all so very different, i am only 4'11"...and at the minute i weigh 9st 10lb..but i am a size 16-18... how mad is that...so i would'nt worry about what anyone thinks...you just have to do this for you..good luck hun..you'll be there in no time!:)
Hi Kittenkat,
My fav animals even though I owe a gorgeous old rescue dog. I know, I have a friend on lipotrim who is half the size she was and still has more off and I also have a non lipotrim friend who is a mini person and she likes to keep trim too. We're all different shapes and sizes, I guess it's what you're happy with. Some people would love to be my weight and I'd love to be somebody else's weight! Starnge. Good luck and keep it up. My first weigh in will be next Monday. Weird about the soup but it just tastes like a very weak hot cup soup. The thing I hate are any mini lumps of powder. Yuck!
Weird about the soup but it just tastes like a very weak hot cup soup. The thing I hate are any mini lumps of powder. Yuck!
try mixing it to a paste first, see if that helps...(maybe try a little bit mixed cold water then add the hot water...only a guess...might work???)
Thanks for that Kitten Kat,
It does work better to paste it first. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon in spectacular style last night after a crap day at work where I had zero energy to do anything. Felt I wasn't achieving what I normally do. Had lovely take away. Won't say what in case I make anyone hungry so I will say it was disgusting, tasted like cardboard!!!Was gonna quit as I felt so bad on Lipotrim energy and craving wise and didn't feel bad about quitting.

However this morning I got up and spent the morning prancing in front of the mirror admiring my body as I have definately lost at least half stone. No weighing scales so can't tell. This diet works so in an effort to keep that bit off and maybe become a skinny malinky I started it again this morning. Fingers crossed.

I am finding the mornings okay, it's the evenings as I associate everything with food. Come home, when I sit down in the eve, t.v., reading, days out, even a trip into town involves thinking of somewhere nice to have a bite to eat. It's like my reward and now I don't have that reward. Except maybe a new one could be prancing in front of the mirror!!!Lol!!!!

Hope you're all doing good?
fantasticfox you're from cork too!!!!!!!!!! OMG a fellow corkonian!!!!
well done on getting back on the LT wagon and hopefully you'll find ways to distract yourself in the evenings!!!!!!! I customise my clothes or go on here!!!!
Good luck hun xxxxxxxxx
Hey Little Miss Living,
Cool! Cork's the best. Read a few of your posts in the last hour and thought to myself she seems cool and she's from Ireland. Didn't realise you were Cork. Small world.

Can't sew to save my life. Will use a big belt! Or borrow from a friend!

Yep, I so find this site great. It really distracts me. And it's encouraging. However nothing would have halted me yesterday.

8lbs was a really good start. Hopefully I can do the same. I have less to lose so my progress might be slower. I'm rooting for you. Come on the Rebels!
small world indeed lol bet you'll do great first wi!!!!
keep me posted and hopefully we can help each other out in times of need!!!
Good luck hunxxxxxxxxx up the rebels lol


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I would LOVE to identify with Gabrielle! she gets my vote
Hey Little Miss Living,
I can only do the full lipo for 2 weeks as I left it until last minute as usual. Got a family wedding abroad in 4 weeks so am doing the refeed a week before. However, I will stay online and encourage you and anyone else. You're gonna do it. As I said to dslater think of all the people you'll wow at Christmas when you unveil the new you and the fab outfits you'll be able to wear. You'll definately get skinnier than me as I'll have to try good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise after a month or maybe I can stay on some shakes. I'll see how I'm progressing.

Good luck!!


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S: 23st11lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 6st11lb(28.53%)
Wow dslater,
14lbs was really a really good start and 8lbs after that. You're really speeding towards your goal. Keep it up. Think of Christmas!!
hehe thanks =D But i can't think of christmas! I'll wanna make excuses to refeed and scoff xmas dinner and loads of choccies! I'm going "Cold Turkey" until april/may.... rawr!

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