5ft 7 girls help needed


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Hi all. I'm 5ft 7 and 13st 13. Im currently able to squeeze into size 16 bottoms and size 14 top. Can anyone else tell me what weight and sizes they have been or are now?I can only remember being 9st 5 and size 10. I think I was too skinny for my liking then and I was more comfortable as a 12. I cant wait to be a 14 though. Much more shopping freedom. Anyone able to shed a light on these sizes for me?
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What kind of shape are you? Hour glass, apple, column etc.?
I'm 5ft 6 so an inch smaller but I'll give you my details. I started off at 14st 2. When I got to 12st 2, I was a 12 in some shops but mostly a 14. I am now 10st 13 and I am in 12s. Some of them are old jeans I had. I find the "boyfriend" fit jeans I have from river island in a 12 are actually too big but the size 12 black bootcut ones are perfect fitting. So it prob depends on the type of jeans I'm wearing as well. Got 12 skinny jeans in topshop couple weeks ago & they're even a little big!
When buying tops I still gravitate to the 12s but if its a baggyish style then a 10 is grand.

It may seem slow dropping sizes but it'll happen and you'll feel great when jeans that used to be tight are falling off :D xx

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This is an interesting thread im still dying to get back into 14s!

Im now 5ft 8 and 13 stone 6 and i can squeeze into some 14 jeans but 16s are too baggy :(
Some 14 dresses and tops fit me though.

When I was 15 4 (heaviest ever) i was basically an 18 :( x


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I'm 5ft 7 and a little bit hehe. But at my heaviest I was 14st. I was a size 18 but had my size 16 boyfriend jeans squeezed on (if I didn't buy an 18 I wasn't an 18 mentality going on:rolleyes:)

I'm now just under 11st (10st 10lb) and a size 12 in most places. I'm a definate hourglass shape, but have a pot belly (even when I was a size 6 yonky donkeys ago), I also have heavy thighs if I don't work on them. But my shoulders and hips definately match up.

On my weight loss journey I went from a 16 to a 12:cool:, seemed to skip a 14 altogether (maybe because I'd no money to buy them hehe). It's interesting how everyones stats measure up xx