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5th WI & 5%!!!


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Monday 24th May 2010
A (re)starter for ten.

So, first post!

I'll just start with the basics: I've done WW several times over the years - my last "proper" push was a couple of years ago, and it was very successful until I had a knee injury and gained all the weight back (and then some).

At 13st8lbs and confronted with a Green Giant that was stood where I should have been, on a friend's wedding photos, I decided it was time to do something about it. I started eating healthily and dropped nearly half a stone in two weeks. Then I began the Cambridge Diet after those two weeks, back in October 2009, at 13st 0.5lbs. I found keeping a blog on Cambridge extremely effective, and those of you who may want to have a nosy, can see it here.

I kept up Cambridge, and got to 10st5 just after Christmas, but I've been failing miserably at the diet since, and started WeightWatchers almost two months ago at 10st11lbs. Everything was going swimmingly (I'd had my first week's loss) until my boyfriend came to stay for a week (he lives abroad). I gained all the weight I'd lost and then some. I've found it almost impossible to get back on the wagon, and have been avoiding my meetings (VERY bad idea!). I'm not sure how much exactly I've gained (although I KNOW i've gained as things are tight) but we'll see how much I weigh when I hit my meeting tomorrow... (Tuesday).

I've started my diary here so that I can hopefully retain some accountability and get some support. I kept a blog when I did Cambridge but nobody really read it, and I do find comments really encouraging, even if the entry itself is a bit of a DebbieDowner! My first goal is to lose 5% of my starting weight (which I'll calculate from tomorrow's WI).

I'm starting exercising this week too. Hopefully my new sports bra will arrive from JJB tomorrow (apparently they tried to deliver it today) and I'll be ready to go! I've always enjoyed exercise, so I'm rejoining my local Sports Centre as SOON as that sports bra arrives! I've also planned a bunch of classes I want to go to.

WeightWatchers isn't just about eating right, I'll always have problems with knowing when I'm hungry and when I'm bored, and self-destructive behaviour. I'm also a self-confessed foodie. I am genuinely, a food ADDICT. I'm not an emotional eater, but I do have self-destructive tendencies, which extend beyond dieting, but I'm the dieter who could be good all day, and then right before the day is out, eat half her bodyweight in something entirely random. However, I'm not self-destructive to the extent that I'd do that after a week of dieting. I just need a few good days to get on track!

Here's to the next few days, and to a lovely weight gain tomorrow. YES, I said GAIN.

When I weigh in tomorrow, that will be the largest number I will ever see on scales again.

And, for a bonus for those of you who read (or at least skimmed this little post) here's the best thing I have for "before" and well, not after, but more like, "during" pictures. Fear my MSPaint skills!

BEFORE - front and side shot. CRINGE.

DURING (I am 1 stone lighter than when this was taken - I just don't have any body shots taken since, I'm a bit camera shy...)

Can't wait to get to my long term goal (set at 8st 8lbs) so I can post the after shots!
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I love the halloween outfit !! :D It's ace!!
Good on you, restarting, and having an open mind about the potential gain. Gotta start somewhere, and it'll soon come off as you get back into WW :D
Good luck for tomorrow!

Mumma K

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Good luck on your restart Mince
you'll get plenty of visit diary wise on the Ww section
were a right nosey bunch so we are
look forward to hearing more


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Thanks for all the support!

Unfortunately I can't make my WI today, but I'm still pointing, and there's a meeting I can make on Thursdays, so I'm going to go to that.

I'mjoining my new sports club tomorrow! Here are the classes I've decided look fun:

Salsacise (Tuesday, can't make this today)
Belly Dancing (Weds)
Yoga (Thurs)
Aquacise (Sunday)

I was really looking forward to it.The only thing is, I live at home and don't have very supportive parents, who always make comments about how i look and what I eat. Whilst I was really looking forward to going to my classes and joining the gym, they're starting to harrass me about it "WHEN ARE YOU GOING? WHEN ARE YOU JOINING" which is really taking all the fun out of it.

Mumma K

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:D thats the trouble with parents haha!!!
they just can't help but butt in, at least it shows they care even if it does drive ya potty


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Welcome aboard, this place is pretty good if you are looking for people who will read and comment on your diary, probably more than your stuff on cambridge. Quite an eclectic wee community here (although that NAJH is trouble!).

Look forward to reading how you get on! Seems positive so far!


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Don't make me get the hose! Sorry, I'm with NAJH, the sisterhood and all that!!

Thursday 27th May 2010

Facing my Gain & Doing the Crane

So! I went to a Thursday meeting because I couldn't make Tuesday's. I was hoping it would be my regular leader, but unfortunately it wasn't. I weighed in and found I had gained... in the last month... 7.5lbs. I weighed in at 11st 1.5lbs.

Yes, 7.5lbs. I was horrified. Yes, I was weighing on different scales in a different room, but that will probably only attribute for 1-2lbs, if anything. But I resolved and told the woman who weighed me (who didn't know me at all) THAT IS THE HEAVIEST WEIGHT I WILL EVER SEE ON THOSE SCALES AGAIN. And she was really awesome, and agreed with me. I didn't even have to admit the gain, because these people didn't know me, and being the moron I am, I've lost my WI card. Only I knew my weight from normal classes, but I admitted my gain, embraced it, and let it go.

I believe that gains are like poltergeists - acknowledge it, confront it, let it go and heal!!!!

So, heal I did! I walked to the gym on the other side of town, and went to my first exercise class - yoga!

I had a pretty bad knee injury a few years ago, so was really apprehensive about being totally useless, but it was only a few positions that I couldn't manage, and I feel great ! Energised and reinvigorated (although a bit tired, as I had to leave the house for work at 6:30, went to work, went to WI, went to the gym, and got home at 9:30pm).



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Thanks Nik!

Friday 28th May 2010

Just a shortie

My muscles were a bit sore today after yoga last night, but not as bad as expected, just a little bit of tension. I went to the sports club again and had my gym instructor. I was surprised to find the instructor absolutely lovely, none of these sarcastic, snooty instructors that you often get (and I find the men are usually worse than the women!). He helped me devise a weight plan and did my BMI (yes... scales again, although those showed me as under 11stone so unless I've lost 2lbs in a day, I like those scales more!!!) and body fat (which was 40%. at this moment i nearly had a fit, before he told me that they generally overestimate because they're cheapo ones, and not to worry, but because they're highly calibrated, I can assess the change accurately - so when it drops to 38% I'll know I've lost 2% fat, although I probably won't be at 38% fat... but lower!). I did 12.5 minutes brisk walking (fat burning) on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the rower (but my shoes kept falling off, serves me right for not wearing proper ones) and 25 minutes cardio on the stationary bike.

Egg-bloody-sauceted! Chicken for tea though, yum yum yum!


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Tuesday 1st June
Weighing In!

I wasn't expecting to have lost much since my WI on Thursday (as some of you may have read, I restarted at a class that isn't my usual Tuesday one). Anyway....

I lose 3.5lbs!!! Weighing in at 10st 12lbs. I was so happy!

Then I headed off to salsacise, it was fun, but I felt pretty self-conscious as the room was mirrored, and I carry a lot of weight on my arms. I felt confident that I was one of the better dancers (well, I have had 10 years of dance training, so if I wasn't, that would have been a lot of wasted money by my parents!) but I just felt a bit depressed by my arms and my dodgy knee stopped me from doing squats as well as I would have liked! Oh well!

Am psyched about this week, but we're going here for food:
Manchester Menu | Akbars

WHAT ON EARTH CAN I HAVE!?! AAAA! Was thinking about the chicken tikka starter as a main - is that the same as the tandoori chicken or not? :/ I will hopefully have saved some points too.

Hope everybody is doing well xoxo
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Woo congrats on the loss :D


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Hi Mince,

Firstly, well done on your loss!! its such a fabulous feeling to get down into the next stone so you must be so delighted to get into the "10s".

Lmao at your halloween pic (it is gorgeous btw) BUT, I missed the bit that said "halloween" and thought to myself "my God, am really going to have to say something about that girls fashion sense" - thought it was just a normal night out LOL!. (your sickeningly pretty btw... )

Your brilliant for signing up to all those exercise classes, and think you've been really clever as they are fun classes. Im rubbish with exercise - really, really bad so really admire you.

Know what you mean about diary reading in other areas on here - if not for 2 lovelies I would really be just talking to myself - this section is fab though - without a doubt (from my experience) the most supportive.

Best of luck, am looking forward to reading...


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Thanks for the comments! NikkiH, yours did make me laugh, especally! I don't normally go out like I've been dragged through a hedge, honest!

Monday 7th June
Have had a bit of a strange week, been really busy exercise-wise and saved a lot of points for a meal on Friday that turned out to be really disappointing :( My fish was burnt, tasted of nothing, and the waitress who "deboned" it for me left about 30 bones in it, and hacked my poor sole half way across the plate!

Spent quite a few points on alcohol, and woke up the next day, hopped on the scales (I'm still having trouble breaking the daily weighing habit) to find I'd gained 1.5lbs over night! My logical brain kicked in - "This is water retention because of the alcohol. Drink lots of water, and don't be discouraged and go off plan!" So I listened to the little voice, and lo and behold, yesterday the water retention weight was gone and then some with it!

TOTM is starting so I'm not too sure how I'll fare tomorrow at Weigh In, but I've worked really hard to stick to plan and earning APs so I hope I get some good results. And if I don't, I need to remember that my body may make up for it with a large loss next week.
Oooh I want a logical brain like that.... :D

Definitely good to see someone keeping a level head about potential mother-nature time non-loss. I tend to go into panic mode... not good! Keep at it, and good luck for weigh in tomorrow!!!


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Thanks for the lovely comments everybody! This will just be a short entry, as I got home from the gym and tesco at 9:30 and then had to cook so I'm shattered!

Tuesday 8th June 2010

So I weighed in, and I'd lost 2.5lbs this week! I was really happy because I've been pointing like a crazy person as well as exercising in order to treat myself for my meal out on Friday (which was unfortunately, horrid, as aforementioned).

Here's hoping to another good week!


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Wayehy! Congrats on the 2.5lb :D

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