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6 months later and....

I hit target!!! Exactly 6 months ago tonight I first stepped into the World that is Slimming and after losing every single week, I am now 3 stones 8.5lbs lighter and half a pound under my target weight :D:D

Thank you to everyone on Minimins for your support, advice, answers and butt-kickings :thankyou:

Now... how the hell do I maintain?!?!...
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Nojo on the YoYo
OMG well done! That is a brilliant achievement.

You maintain by keeping on doing what you're doing for ever! And by sharing how you've done it with the rest of us! :D xx


I want to be fitter again
wow that is brilliant. Not many people can lay claim to losing every single week. As for maintaining I should imagine it is a bit trial and error with your additional healthy extras choices. well done again xx
Thank you :) I think I am so frightened of maintaining BECAUSE I've lost every week - it's all I know how to do!! Well, I'm sure I could put it all back on again of course, but that's not really the idea...

Vixxster, all I've done is follow the plan ;)


Nojo on the YoYo
Heh, I know, but we all follow the plan DIFFERENTLY!

Tips? Hints? Favourite meals? Recipes? GIMME! :p
Erm... I plan. Everything. But I can be a bit flexible if needs be. I've only ever gone over my daily syns on my birthday and Christmas day. And I do syn everything that goes in my mouth if it's not free! I guess I am a swot, but being swotty got me here with that lovely, twinkly target award down there...

As for favourite meals, I like, um, everything! I have a fair bit of variety I suppose, but regulars are roast dinners, spag bol, chilli, sweet chilli chicken, teriyaki salmon. Mostly from the SW mag or recipe books.


Full Member
Wow lost every week, but no wonder if you never bent the rules, you are a good example for the rest of us. WELL DONE! :D

Cobweb xx

Wee Doll

Silver Member

congrats your such an inspiration :D



No Coffee, No Workee
Amazing achievement, bloody well done you! :D :clap:


Never gets tired of SW!
I had a funny feeling it wouldn't be long!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We started the same week, and you've done better than me!!! It's fantastic that you lost every week hun! Some acheivement that!!! Make sure you stay here on Minimins and keep in with the threads and help us all along our journeys!! Good luck with maintaining! I'm sure you'll get plenty of support with that too!! I suppose there are just a new set of techniques and strategies to learn for maintaining!!XXXXXXXXXX
Absolutely fantastic- really inspiring. To lose every week and only go over your syns on 2 days in 6 months????? You deserve a halo, girly!

So chuffed that you have reached your goal, and with such determination you WILL maintain your fantastic weight loss

Well done hun, fantastic going xxx


Is a crunchy mama!
CONGRATULATIONS HARRY'S MUM!!!!!! You must be so so proud!!
Did you do mostly EE? Green? Red? In Vixxters words, GIMME! lol :D

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