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6 STONE TO DITCH ...Here I go!


This time its for keeps!
After lurking round the site for last month Ive decided to start a thread of my own which will hopefully keep me going on low days and, even better (all digits crossed and parts of my body I havents been able to see let alone cross for a while!) this will hopefully turn into my success story.

So a little about me (the only little bit!;)) I'm 37, married with 4 kids and my starting weight was, big breath, 17st2lbs!! Ive lost weight before on VLCD and more recently atkins (2 years ago, lost 5 stone put on 6!) but Im hoping that sw will be a long term plan, so far it has been easier to follow.

I would love any advice, tips and even being shouted at when necessay by all you lovely people out there!

Heres my food for today:(Extra Easy Plan)
B 2 poached eggs 1 wholemeal toast 1/2 HEB

L Large mixed salad with lettuce,peppers, red onion,cucumber,tomatoes,pineapple ,beetroot(gave the coleslaw & cheese to hubby!)

D Home made chilli ex l mince, passata, onions,mushrooms,pepper served with wholewheat spaghetti corn on the cob and broccoli

taste wise dinner was just OK.....

Snacks: 1 Ryvita (1/2HEB) with 1 laughing cow cheese(1/2HEA)
strawberies and grapes and 1 tesco light choices fruit bar 5 syns

Will prob be having options choc drink this evening 2 syns

So please let me know what you think i normally have a more filling lunch but was at shops and ther was bugger all to choose from!
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This time its for keeps!
Tanks Frankie99. I see we've started at the same time and you have had some fantastic losses, hopefully we can motivate each other.

Heres my thought for the day, why is the food network not banned? Surely it should be illegal to show cupcakes and burgers at this time of night when wiilpower is fading?............


This time its for keeps!
Welcome to the site! You seem to be doing great so far!

Thanks! I am always motivated at the start its when the weight loss slows down that the demons come out, you know those little food obessed ******* that say "go on have some, look how well youve done already, you deserve it treat!":mad: BTW these are imaginery figures in my head and nOT members of my family!!!


This time its for keeps!
Okey dokey, todays menu at cafe fayhamy:

B 1 wholemeal toast 1/2 heb, 2 poached eggs and beans all made for me at friends cafe so no washing up!!!

L leftover chilli and 1/2 bag uncle bens microwave basmati rice 1 syn

D syn free sausages ( from lovely butcher who comes to meeting!) cabbage, boiled spuds, carrots & parsnips ( cue groan from kids but tough!)

Snacks will be mullerlight yoghurt, 2 ryvita 1/2 HEB with 2 lcow cheese light(1/2HEA), fruit, tea and coffee (milk from 1/2 HEA) and prob options choc drink after run on tread mill tonight (2syns)

BTW treadmill run for 2 reasons - obviously to help with weight loss but also and heres the sneaky part, if i do it between 7pm & 8pm, I can watch TV in peace and hubby attends to kids! RESULT!:D


This time its for keeps!
Thanks Jules, saw Quark in our Tescos for the first time this week so grabbed 4 tubs before they sold out! Will def do lasagna this weekend because I am missing my old fullfat one, everthing I cook at moment seems to be based on a tomato sauce so will be using quark to its full potential thanks for suggestions!x
Hi Fayhamy,
Thanks for sharing your diary, you're doing really well, I started SW on 4/1/11 with 6 stone to lose too so will be checking in with your diary regularly to see how you're getting on and getting tips :)

I made the herby chicken kievs last night with the quark and they were yum!

Helen x


This time its for keeps!
Thanks Helen hope I can steal your tips and please give me a good boot on the bum when I come on here all grumpy, this could happen very very soon! Also wher did you get chicken kiev recipe from I like to cook but also like to follow a recipe - Nigella I am not although I could match her in the backside stakes!!!


Slimming World
No worries fayhamy there are loads of miraculous things you can do with quark, I like mixing it with chopped pickled chillis and using it instead of sour cream as a dip for potato skins. Also Little Sausage suggested mixing it with some (synod) lemon curd for a lemon mousse!
Hi, yeah think we did start around the same time- would be great to have someone to encourage me as family are all doing Low Cal diets and look at me like I'm an alien when I sit down for my big plate of slimming world friendly dinner ;-)
I'm not struggling yet but I know what you mean about being more tempted when the losses slow down- I've bought Just Dance for the Wii and am thinking that everytime I get tempted I'll do at least 15 minutes of it to distract myself. Obviously that won't be the only time, but I figure if I'm dancing I'm not eating :)


This time its for keeps!
LOL alien at the table! Like you I'm motivated at mo but do get days when I look at myself in mirror(instead of the usual fleeting glance) and think how did I ever let myself get so big? funny how I never gave it a second thought when stuffing myself at the chinese buffet, or when having that 2nd, 3rd, 4th and yes, cards on the table, 5th or 6th packet of crisps (in ONE day!!!) so Im grateful for all advice good and bad!


This time its for keeps!
Thanks Jules, read through your diary today - you're doing really well at weight loss especially when you are a 'new teacher'. My eldest son started grammar school in sept an dI find it hard enough coping with him at home, let alone hundreds of the wee blighters in school!

Also like the other have said your boyfriend does sound sweet!


This time its for keeps!
So Fridays'entry:

dont think I will continue to list everything Ive ate because if its boring and tedious for me to read then sure as heck its goning to be like paint drying for everyone else.

however, to keep me on the sw straight and narrow and for my future ref I am going record if I was a 100% or 0%! So far so good today although I am getting really frustrated by lack of healthy choices when eating out even the jacket potatoes have beeen whipped into submission with lashings of mayo! So for that reason I had a fruit scone with no butter or jam and at 8 syns it was worth every bite!

Although this is within allowance i dont think I will have any more syns today apart from choc drink 2 syns after my run tonight, as i am not having alcohol its the only thing that keeps me sane. A cup of tea on a friday night just doesnt cut it!

Ta ra for now!

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