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6 Weeks done and dusted

Well thats 6 weeks done and dusted and 3st 1lb down (43lbs). This diet has been a revelation for me as I am sure it has been for others, never in my wildest dreams could could I have hoped for more with regards to a diet.

To say just Thank You to all on the forum, past and present, is an understatement, as I very much doubt I could have done this without all of you.

Everyone on here is inspirational, including the newbies, and maybe more so the newbies because they make one realise why we started this journey in the 1st place. The newbies also make us "oldies" feel like we have a responsibilty to now see this through and to set an example, much like we look up to Jo, Bren and those others that have been at it for longer than we have and who are doing so brilliantly.
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Wow thats 1lb a day and one more for luck !! what an amazing loss, i bet people all around and commenting on how different you must look,

well day 3 for me today i was awake at 6am so thinking i may be in ketosis as i do find it a little hard to sleep the 1st few days of getting into ketosis,

and for us newbees it's great reading post like this ...keeps us motivated thank you !
Sara, thank you very much, it has been a pretty amazing journey and the comments I get about my weight loss at work and by my friends does spur me on even more.

Again thanks and good luck, well done for getting to day 3, not far to go for you though, should be a breeze.


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Well done King of Exante :)
Actually 'well done' just doesn't go far enough does it?!
Your loss is fabulous and true testament that this works if you stick to it.
Can I come down and force feed you doughnuts? :)
Nice one Mark! :)

Pleased it's going so well but you should be thinking about a meal week round about now.

*wags finger*

You certainly shouldn't be planning another 8 weeks of abstinence as that would take you over the 12-week limit set by the NICE guidelines and you would be risking your health.

Having a meal week isn't "cheating" and it isn't "giving in", it's showing that you are taking the diet and your health seriously and learning to regain control over food.

No point being thin if it also makes you ill or even dead........:(


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Well done Mark - but please listen to Yam - you must do your add a meal week - it is important! Not nagging, just looking after your health.
Bren xx
Thanks for that Bren and Jo, hopefully I will get to goal by week 12, which is another 6 weeks, I am being closely monitored by my doctor and as they suggest, if being monitered, I can go the 12 weeks on TS. If I get to 12 weeks without reaching goal, I will start adding a meal. I am sticking to the diet without a problem really, had 1 really bad day but other than that have been fine.

Again thanks for your concerns and I have taken the advice onboard.
Thanks Everyone and Shirley, you are quite correct, 6 weeks end next Wednesday, getting ahead of myself so my weight loss is even better. Cannot believe I have been at this for nearly 6 weeks, seems like a lifetime ago since I last chewed on something.


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thought it was my maths, yea we are the same, but hence look yr loss to mine it is double, i know i have binged a couple of times, but i have been good lateley and still don;t seem to be moving, but i intend to do it for much longer now, as i am deffo not missing food at the moment. i have my prom in 2 weeks so i hope to be good until then.
Calli how much exersise are you doing, I have not lost a huge amount this week but I have lost another 3 inches around my waist. I think the exersise is helping big time so I am not complaining.


is slowly shrinking
well exercise is a sore subject to me mark, i know its psycholgical but i feel i am on my feet all day, walking around and walk my dogs, run a home etc so feel i possibly couldn do anymore, i get so tired.
Yeah my wife is the same when she is working, on her feet all day and walking walking walking and it is exersise, it's just not the same as a good cardio or strength workout. But you know what, not everyone is made for exersising. My wife has the flatest of feet, her ankle bones are nearly touch the floor so you can imagine how hard exersise is but she handle an exresise bike OK.

I swear we were not made to exersise, you look at all athletes, they all carry injuries so no matter how fit you are there is always something wrong, so why oh why do we have to put ourselves through it.

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