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65 pound in 26 wks?

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by onlywayisdown, 23 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    Can I do it? Who knows, but I'm going to have a bloody good go at it. 40 years young is looming and I want to enjoy my life to the full. Enough is enough now.

    Sundays will ill be my weigh in day, but I'm starting tomorrow, so a 6 day first week. Looking forward to getting to know people x
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  3. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    I've just hit week 25 and had 10 days off at Christmas and I lost 90lbs so you can definitely do 65 if you stick to it. 100% is way easier - I know I've tried both ways and faffing about just doesn't work.

    Hope your start goes well and keep on here for tips and distractions. Those first few days are the toughest but water, things to do and early nights will be your friend.
  4. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    Thank you - that is so good to hear! Water is definitely the word of today and i'm planning to do 100% as if I mess about, it's a sure fire way to failure for me.

    Start weight actually 206 pounds!, so it's 66 pounds in 26 weeks. Feeling good and positive though!
  5. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Here to subscribe!!!

    We do indeed have a similar amount to lose in the same amount of time with me being 3lbs behind you.....we can do this!

    As Clinquant said....water....water...water!

    I am averaging 3lbs a week now since i started back on 10th Jan....have finally re-lost some of the weight i had already lost as part of my original go at S&S from October onwards and am now 6 weeks in....so am now in what Clinquant aptly named "Fresh Fat" at last lol.

    I have learned that there will be blips, there will be temptation...its what you do about it going forward....you just have to dust yourself off and be kind to yourself by getting back on the horse....the time will pass anyway so there is zero point in berating yourself....just hop back on...trust the process and the results will follow....jeez...listen to me all positive lol.

    keep us posted on how you're getting on as there is great support here....wishing you every success :) xx
  6. NumptyMum

    NumptyMum Full Member

    Hiya found you x
    Goodluck for today x
  7. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Good luck. Hope first day goes well and get yourself on here tonight for distraction.
  8. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    Here I am, but I have a big confession. I stuck to it all day at work, but got home and got to thinking about 'stuff'.

    I lost 3 stone 7 years ago and then the love of my life was a big reason for piling it all back on (my fault - he was just a good excuse). The arrival of twins and being slightly knackered had led to another 2 going on..

    Anyhoo.. baring my soul a bit here. Strange things motivate me.. When I lost the weigh before, Friday was my WI day and I always look at that day as a bit of a good luck day, so first up, I'm changing my WI day to a Friday. Second, starting on significant dates motivate me, Friday is 28th which means it's exactly 6 months to the big 4-0.

    Which brings me around to the fact, I'm not going to start this properly until Friday. The first day I know I can do it, but it also means Saturday and Sunday can be spent chilling if I need to or if I am feeling naff, I can hide away in bed for an hour or so.

    Having spoken to DH, he is happy to support me 100% in this and I've said I want to do this 100%, so we've also agreed to have four nice last meals of my favourite stuff this week and I am going to curb the calories in the day to a) prevent further gain and b) accustom the body to not having loads during the day (I know I'll have the battle of night times when I start)

    So then thinking on, I have 6 months, 179 days and 26 WI's before my big day. Hoping for no further gain, I've also decided I want to go for a weight that I always used to be which is exactly 5 stone from where I am today. That's 70 pounds. But Clinquant has inspired me that this is totally doable.

    The plan for the next few days is to be on here at night to motivate myself loads and pick up tips and read diaries. I also am going to do a list of mini goals to help with motivation and give me targets to aim for.

    I appreciate this may sound like a cop out, but I know how determined I am to do this and rather than go for it now, with a crap week at work ahead, two late nights in that, I would rather give myself the absolute best shot at this because it will be my last ditch attempt to kick this lard once and for all. To also start living my life, instead of hiding away.

    I have spent the day walking around at work today imagining the size of my 14-10 stone a$$ mortified with myself it has got to this. I'm so disappointed in myself and sad, but I'm also feeling positive that I AM going to do this and this IS going to work.

    If I make one promise to myself, it's that. Please stick around for me - I have a feeling I might need it.

    Thanks for reading my rambles, and hope people don't think too bad of me. x
  9. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    firstly...this is YOUR journey....you take it when you are ready to get in the driving seat and feel comfortable....only you can drive this bus.....we can help you with directions, but you drive when you are ready....no one will or should feel bad that you are doing what you need to do for you :)

    I think i had KFC, McDonalds, burgers, fish and chips, takeaway curry loads of bread and potatoes, full pub lunches dinners in the run up to starting S&S each time....some sort of psychological getting it all out of my system that i actually craved healthy sensible eating in the end...OH was amazed at how much i could chow down....but it seemed to do the trick...again...do what works for you...

    I weigh in on Fridays so it will be good to have a Friday buddy who is aiming for the similar goals....just think...we can spur each other on when we get the wobbles....which we all do....key is not to berate yourself forever as its fruitless, time wasted and draining....just get back on the wagon as every little bit helps along the journey....its a good idea about being home for the first few days as they won't be great....i did the same....hid in my PJ's till it was safe to come out again when i arrived in ketosis land lol.

    I look forward to our side by side journey....me with a wedding and you the bi 4-0....great incentives!!!

  10. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    I think the timing is good. In September I started on a Sunday and it was tough going for those first few days. After Christmas my restart was on a Friday and I had a really chilled out weekend and went to bed early - not sure how possible that is with twins - but it was much more like plain sailing.

    In 2008 when I did Lighter Life I didn't even have a last supper as I got to start earlier than I thought and strangely I was fine but at Christmas this time I made a list of the things I wanted and that seemed to really help. So whatever works. And either way with a determined Friday start you will definitely be able to get to target in time for your birthday.

    Just the way you have described what you are going to do makes me think you are thoughtful and I think that will get you a long way.
  11. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    Me too, thank you for the support.. will be great to have a WI buddy!
  12. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    I'm hoping I'll be fine this weekend, but at least knowing I can disappear for an hour or so will help! The twins are pretty good and the lure of a playground visit or a walk somewhere will distract them!

    Thank you again for your support x
  13. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    Morning.. well after two days of meals I love, I've had enough.. I actually don't want to do another two days, so (watch this come back and bite me), I'm going to get going today. Today will be fine, tomorrow I expect to be hard as I will be at work for 13 hours and roll home, knackered wanting to stuff my face. I'm hoping being busy tomorrow though and not having easy access to food at work will make me stick to it.

    Weighed in at 206 again today so no further damage done for my two days of stuffmyfacing. Have been up since 3.45am as couldn't sleep - my sleep patterns are a bit random sometimes and I have at least one day like this a week. Every one asleep so I get to watch random crap and do things I don't get chance to do all week.

    Have glugged a glass of water and a cuppa. Tea is the one thing that keeps me going. If I couldn't have tea, I would sob!

    Plan for today is a shake at work about 11/12 ish and then another pack when I get home as it's my short day today. Will eat with the little people at 5ish and have spicy spag with cucumber (love love cucumber) and then have a final pack at 7ish when the littlies are down. Will try and save my bar for that one, but if not, it'll be a shake.

    With that in mind, I best go wake the old one and the littles to get him packed off to work and get me and the littlies ready for work / nursery!

    Have a great Wednesday all, happy hump day! :) x
  14. NumptyMum

    NumptyMum Full Member

    Goodluck for today x
    Getting past the first day is the hardest and once you have done that it will get easier as you go along x
  15. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    How exciting. I think you are just ready for it, so go get it!!!

    I always try to save my bar for last thing but usually ends up a late afternoon one. The spicy spag is my favourite - never get fed up of it.

    Have a brilliant day and look forward to how much better you will feel!!
  16. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Congrats for getting started!

    Looking forward to reading your diary along the way.....xx
  17. onlywayisdown

    onlywayisdown Full Member

    *creeps in with a massive bite mark on my bum* I didn't get going! Nor did I Friday. Was going to yesterday and then didn't and then was so peeved with myself, I spent yesterday feeling disgusted with myself, so I am MORE than ready now.

    206.4 is the start weight (not helped by last supper Chinese last night)

    But I am starting now - so please expect numerous posts today and over the coming week.
  18. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    You shouldn't feel disgusted! You have made your commitment to S&S, so now is the time to shine! Sounds like you were just doing a little self prescribed aversion therapy! Just remember this feeling next time you feel tempted to come off plan..remember how rubbish you feel physically and emotionally when you do and let that motivate you to stick with it!

    I have just ordered my first batch, which should arrive tomorrow i'm guessing, so I will start on Wednesday. I'm half tempted to have my weigh in on Friday with you ladies though, as I have a similar amount to lose (5-6 stone) and a similar time frame would be amazing!

    My weight is currently 233. I'm in pain everyday. I can't wait to get on the plan and start getting my life back!
  19. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

  20. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    hope its all going well x
  21. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Hope you're doing ok? Xx

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