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6lbs in 2 weeks?


On A Mission!
depends on how much you currently weigh. If your BMI is already in the normal to low range, 6lbs might be difficult in 2 weeks, but if you are obese then it should be a no brainer.
Shelz, last time I saw one of your posts, your BMI was already very low (15.9 maybe?). If this is still the case, trying to lose this much is dangerous, as I'm sure you realise. Is a weight loss forum the right place for you at the minute?

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I'm just concerned that you are making yourself ill.


On A Mission!
Im glad you pointed that out Maynie, i was pretty sure too that Shelz is already very underweight. In fact i think i saw a recent post where she was trying to gain some.

As much as i love to encourage anyone to lose weight if they need to, i think we all have to be careful of encouraging anyone who has an obvious and dangerous eating disorder.
Maynie is right shelz... youre really underweight.

What happened to the challenge you set yourself last week... the 15 weeks maintenance etc

For anyone suffering from an eating disorder losing 6lbs in 2 weeks is a really bad idea and youd need to go back to the very habits youre trying to break from to achieve them.

It sounds like you need help from people far far more qualified than anyone on here x

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