6th week weigh in


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Hi everyone
Havent posted for a week or two because i was feeling a bit deflated after only losing 1Ib on my 5th weigh in. I definately could have gone off the rails and was thinking sod sod sod this if i am only losing this amount i may aswell eat....... However my cdc diiscussed it could be totm probs or just one of those things that happen and next week will be better if i stick to plan. I did and she was right 7Ib lost omg. So a lesson to everyone it does even itself out and if you have a week like i did please carry on ( i know its so hard ) this diet does def work ( i am now wearing some clothes i wore before i was pregnant ) what other diet can do that in 6 weeks. feel like im babbling now so will carry on with ironing and slugging me water bye x
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Well done:D You must be proud of yourself, I know that I am. Despite the disappointment you perservered and kept on track.


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
WEll done you for carrying on. I think a real test of your determination and you won:D . Your losses are great and a real inspiration to someone like me on their first week. Keep up the fab work!


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Im the same
I only lost a 1lb on my 3 week followed by 7lb on week 4
bodies are such funny things