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7 day bootcamp... who's in?

Right, I have 7 days as of the 1st of Jan until I return to uni so I have decided to do myself a 7 day bootcamp.

I did this for a month last year and lost 23lbs so I am hoping for a good loss with this.

The rules:

SS 110% This means not even a sip of coke zero completely pure ssing

2-3ltrs water a day with 3 cups of green tea

at least 1hrs exercise per day (I did more if I felt I could and less if I felt a bit faint, listen to your body!)

Positive thinking: I have a "thinspiration book" and I congratulate myself for every 100% day in it and list all of my achievements so far and tell myself I can do it and NO NEGATIVE THINKING!!!

Feel free to join me, I'll be doing it from the 1st - 7th and could do with the motivation :)
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My husband = My hero
Hi Hunni

I'm shredding so will absolutely join u!

I was planning to ad extra pilates and ab work
On anyway so why not start on the 1st with u!

Good luck xxx

P.s is green tea necessary? I hate the stuff with a passion lol?!!
Nope, I quite like it and figure it can't hurt!!

I plan to do 30 day shred plus one of the ministry of sound dvds or my blast belly fat dvd.

Shall we set a little goal?

Jools1986 - 5lbs - 0lbs lost - 5lbs to go


My husband = My hero
What's the goal for chick the first week??

Il go 4lbs as I'm 3 months in lol

Jools1986 - 5lbs - 0lbs lost - 5lbs to go
Lovelylauren - 4lbs - 0lbs lost - 4lbs to go!

I'm also going to go for 4inches off...

yeah the first week, I will probably carry on the bootcamp for a month or so but I have to just take it a week at a time otherwise I'll just cry haha plus my exams start in 2 weeks so I may not have time to do a second week :(


My husband = My hero
Oh eh! Nothing like taking a lot on chick haha

Good luck with your exams sweet!

Will see how we get on with the first week!

Can see me doing it for the month as hubby is home at the end of Jan do trying to get as much off as Poss before I see him!

Then back on for another 10 weeks so will do the bootcamp again then!! Xx
I just want to get this off now! I am sick of dieting and working my socks off and still being fat.

You will be looking gorge for the hubby I am sure! x
Hi Jools and LovelyLauren -- I am with you. I started ssing two days ago and have promised to be someone's online exercise buddy -- so I need to exercise. Seven day Shred it is... not even a coke Zero sip and three cups of green tea plus the 3L of water. And, I will try to do the hour -- it might be a hour of dog walking (as I have a bad cold right now) but it'll certainly be more than I have been doing for the past several months!

brilliant more the merrier!! How much would you like to lose and I'll add you to the list x
Hiya, I'll join and hopefully give myself a kick up the bottom!! I'll have to skip the green tea but will up my water to 4 litres. It will be tough having no chicken (thats my daily treat!) but will do me good to give that up! I'll weigh myself in the morning and let you know.xx

Jools1986 - 5lbs - 0lbs lost - 5lbs to go
Lovelylauren - 4lbs - 0lbs lost - 4lbs to go!
Cankles - 5lbs - 0lbs lost - 5lbs to go
Count me in :)
HI girls - count me in - great idea - I've ss'ed 100% since starting and next week is my AAM week. I'll put my water at 3 litres - been a bit(lot) bad with that recently, not drinking enough. I'll also do 30mins on the treadmill everyday. Would love to do shred but have a shoulder injury so can hardly use my right arm til I have an op next summer. But I'll also add in a session on the xbox fitness gamemy hubby bought us for Christmas.

As for loss - I seem to have dropped to 3lbs a week no so lets push it up to 5 - If I can do that on AAM week I'll be well pleased! I'll weigh in tomorrow morning (really hoping for a sneaky 1/2 lb off before then as that will be my 5 stone off...eek)

Thanks for making me get started!!
Can I have your goals for the week so I can put you on the list? :)

heres to a great week!!!


Why Be Normal?
Can I have your goals for the week so I can put you on the list? :)

heres to a great week!!!

I am not sure what you mean by goals?
My goal is to ss for all of next week with no cheats. To drink the minimum 3L and 3 green teas. To exercise every day -- even if it is only a ac ouple of brisk dog walks. I am hoping to lose 5lbs - but will be happy with any loss.


Silver Member
5lbs - sorry thought i said that in my post - i rambled a bit so it wasn't too clear!

eta - treadmill done for today - just got to get that pesky water down and do the xbox this pm
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Today I weighed in at 13st 13lbs giving me a gain of 8lbs :S

Just chugging away at the water this morning and will be shredding and going for a run after some hardcore revision goes down!
Count me in please! Just what I need to keep motivated. Restarted today weighed 15st 9 so hope to be 15st 2 in 7 days!

I feel your revision pain too as have uni exams next week then back on clinical placement the week after so need to fit back into my unform.

Good luck everyone! :)

PS whats shredding?
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its a fitness dvd called the 30 day shred, really good work out!

I am about to do it now followed by the beach body ministry of sound dvd so if you don't hear from me in a few hours assume I have keeled over and died, or I'm in too much to pain to get up off the floor!!
Ah cheers Jools - will get myself a copy and get shredding. :)

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